What You Must Not Overlook When Buying Apartments in Melbourne, Australia

Almost all of us dream to have our very own home at some point of time or the other. While this is an extremely costly proposition for most of us, it requires a good level of planning as well. I have worked with over a hundred clients who felt that they have made the wrong decision in buying apartments in Melbourne, Australia, only after some of them had paid millions of dollars towards the property.

It is extremely important that you are completely aware of what you are investing on before you actually purchase the property to avoid uncomfortable circumstances in the future when you have very little or nothing to do about the decision you have made. Here are some important issues that you must not overlook when purchasing an apartment in Melbourne.


The first place to start would be to understand and measure what you actually expect from the apartment you plan to purchase in Melbourne. This includes the size of the apartment, the style of architecture it follows, the types of rooms it houses, and a number of other things.

It is always a good idea to ask your family to participate in the selection process. If you cannot get them to visit each and every apartment you decide to check out, get them to write down their requirements on a piece of paper or discuss such points with you.

Remember, you will be buying the apartment for yourself and your family. This makes their requirements important for you to consider as well.


What would you consider to be important for your apartment in terms of convenience? Would you require parking space? Do you want a kids’ area or a swimming pool inside the compound? Do you want a school or a supermarket to be nearby?

You may have other specific requirements that can make your life convenient in the apartment you choose to live with your family. Always make a note of them when checking out the various options you have in hand.

Quality and history

Make a close inspection of the apartment you plan to purchase. Check the quality of work done by the construction company and ensure that all safety issues are in place. It may pay to check the previous projects that the construction company has worked on to get a better idea on this.

Legitimate deals

Do not sign a contract until and unless you are absolutely aware of how legitimate the contracts and the deal is that you are signing with the real estate business. Make sure you are fully aware of the terms and conditions mentioned in the papers you sign to be on the safe side of things.

Resale value

Finally, whether you have purchased your property for a short stint or if you want to continue to live in the apartment with your family forever, it always pays to check what resale value you can expect from the property. This is a good way to confirm that you are going for a good deal and are not losing out on the money you plan to invest towards buying an apartment in Melbourne.


Apart from travelling, Frank has a strong interest in real estate. Frank has worked as a real estate consultant for quite some time in Melbourne, Australia. He shares his experience with some of his clients who have landed in serious trouble after choosing the property they purchased without proper research.


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