What Makes a Hotel Room Worth Returning To?

I’m very picky when it comes to hotel rooms. Aside from having a secure facility, comfortable beds, adequate water pressure, good temperature control, and other basic features, here are some additional details that would instantly make me want to return.


Immaculate cleanliness

Yes, I know that cleanliness is one of the basic things you consider in every hotel room. But I just want to emphasize that rooms should not only be clean, but should be “immaculately” clean. No rug stains, dirty toilets, greasy doorknobs and remote controls. Before settling down, check for bedbug infestations. Look under  and between the sheets - if there are dark spots, ask for a different room. Once I check in, I usually bring disinfecting wipes to give the room a once-over, especially the light switches, toilet handles, phones, clocks, lamps, and faucet handles.


Free wi-fi

In this day and age, internet connectivity has a become a basic utility. Both business travelers and leisure visitors expect being able to connect to their work or connect back home. Unfortunately, only some budget hotels provide free connection while most upscale hotels charge a hefty fee to connect. Why is that?


Plenty of outlets

With the proliferation of smartphones, tablets, and laptops, and more, hotel rooms should have plenty of power outlets. Too bad, older hotel rooms hide their electrical outlets which were only needed for built-in lamps and appliances. Wouldn’t it be convenient to charge your phones, cameras, and laptops simultaneously? It will surely save you time. Bedside outlets should be implemented in every hotel room.


Full-length mirrors

Whether on a business trip or on a leisure vacation, you would want to look polished from head to toe, right? Full-length mirrors are of extreme importance.


Soundproof walls

Pretty self-explanatory. Rooms must have quality walls so as not to hear the goings on of adjacent rooms. However, over the years, I’ve still been hearing everything - from clock alarm to crying babies to people talking on the phone on late nights.


Quality toiletries

Personally, I love a hotel room filled with nice shampoo, soaps, conditioners, bath gels, mouthwash, makeup removers and the like. The airport security usually puts a cramp on packing, so it’s a nice bonus to get quality toiletries.


Free bottled water

Imagine arriving in the middle of the night and all the stores are closed. You’re parched and all you need is a bottle of drinking water. You check the minibar and to your surprise, each bottle costs $10! Hotels should start offering their guests unlimited drinking water, rather than two free water bottles per day. It’s a very simple provision, and your guests would love it.


Blackout drapes

This is much appreciated especially by business travelers who’ve flown overnight and arrive early in the morning. This is also important for people who need a few hours of sleep during the daytime. On my last Vegas trip, the blackout drapes at Eastside Cannery Casino & Hotel were a godsend. It made sure I got the rest I needed after much partying.

Do you have other things in mind?