What Is European Breakdown Cover?

European breakdown cover is a type of insurance that protects you when traveling in Europe. It is vital to have to ensure a pleasant trip or holiday. Many things can happen, and you don’t want to be caught in a foreign country with no funds and an interruption in transportation and events. European breakdown cover insurance can help ensure that you get the perfect holiday and vacation travel.
Types of Coverage

There are different coverage options for European breakdown cover insurance. Some options include coverage for more than just the automobile. Terms and length of service also vary. Some of the options include:

• Single trip coverage
• Annual coverage
• Lodging protection
• Event cancellation protection
• Transportation cancellation protection

Length of coverage

Depending on the preference and the plans for European travel, you might want to opt for annual coverage as opposed to single trip coverage. The cost for annual plans is proportionately less than that of single trip plans. If you plan several trips, the annual plan may be more economical for you.

Extra Coverage

A vehicle breakdown is not the only catastrophe that can befall a traveler. European breakdown cover insurance can cover other mishaps that can be quite inconvenient and possibly even expensive. You can get coverage for the loss of lodging, whether the theft or damage to a tent or overbooking on hotels that leave you with no place to stay for the night. This might mean you have to move on to another place and miss a planned activity.

Events get cancelled from time to time. Coverage or those mishaps means you will be reimbursed for your expenses associated with a cancelled event. Though it can be disappointing, it won’t be an added expense to the trip.

If you plan to connect with public transportation at any time along your trip, you stand a chance of having a cancellation. This cancellation might cause you to miss an important event or another connection. Though it might be frustrating, being reimbursed means less out-of-pocket expense. Having quick reimbursement can help you continue your trip uninterrupted.

Being Safe

Though it is nice to have coverage for mishaps, it is much better to take a few precautions to be safe. It is better to avoid a problem instead of getting reimbursed for one. Some basic safety precautions include:

• Avoid being alone in a dark area
• Stay in your vehicle at night on lonely streets
• Park where there are lights and people
• Have adequate provisions for food and emergency kits
• Carry extra money and keep it concealed
• Stay in touch along the way so someone is aware of your whereabouts at all times

Just a few basic precautions can mean a more enjoyable travel experience. Though insurance won’t make the trip problem-free, it can help make up for mishaps. Having the coverage and an available claims agent means you won’t be stranded in an unfamiliar country or location with no money and no friends to call upon. The negligible expense is well worth the security.

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