What to Do In Southern Utah

Southern Utah is one of the most land-rich areas in the United States. For outdoors fans, the options for fun are seemingly limitless. Water sports enthusiasts can spend a day on Lake Powell. Hikers and backpackers will enjoy Mount Zion National Park or Kodachrome Basin State Park for breathtaking scenery and wonderful trails. Golf lovers need only take a short trip to St. George Utah for some of the best kept and challenging courses in the nation.

The Painted Pony

While there, people might want to find some great things to do in St George other than golf. The Painted Pony is a staple to the area, well known for its seafood and south western cuisine. Locals frequent the Painted Pony and often suggest it to visitors asking for a great taste of local flair. After a delicious meal, people can visit downtown St. George for the historic Native American Art Museum before heading out into the wilderness again.

Mount Zion National Park

No one should visit Southern Utah without taking a trip to Mount Zion National Park. Like a reverse Grand Canyon, Zion is a formation of canyons, which the visitor enters from the bottom. A nice day hike up Angle's Pass, will take visitors to the top of a canyon where the entire landscape can be seen in panorama. On the trip to the top, hikers should be careful and keep an eye to the sky. Zion is one of the few locations left in the world native to the California Condor. This bird, nearly extinct, is often sighted in the area. The white cross on its underbelly and the sheer size of the bird awes those who sight it. This scavenger is the largest living bird.

Lake Powell

During the summer, though most people would rather go where the water is. Not to worry, Lake Powell crosses the northern border of Arizona and the southern border of Utah. The lake is famously enormous, a true boater's paradise. Though controversial, the Glen Canyon Dam is one of the great wonders of North America, a sight worth seeing and a feat of engineering. In some places, old Indian ruins are still visible, and of course, wildlife is abundant in the area.

When visiting Southern Utah, the question is not what to do, but what not to do. There are so many options over such a vast distance that people will be forced to decide between dozens of marvellous getaways.