Travel: Time to chase the music


What is music? To put it simply, music can be nothing less than magic. It is the most effective way to connect to people. It strikes a chord with anyone who gives it an ear. How many times have you caught yourself humming a song while cooking or watering plants without even realizing it? That is the power of music. It evokes feelings in a person, uplifts their soul and makes the world a better place. Imagine what life would be like without music? The world around you would be dull as ditch water. The movies that you watch would not be half as entertaining without musical notes and scores in the background. Imagine watching a horror film with absolutely no sound to create an environment of suspense or thrill. Imagine a family drama without any heart wrenching notes from the violin making your tears claw their way out of your eyes. Everything around you would be boring. Music is something that you just cannot live without and when you belong to a music lovers’ category, you absolutely, without a doubt, ought to visit these places to unleash the music enthusiast within you.


  1. Nashville.


When it comes to country music, Nashville, Tennessee is the place you have to be. This was the place where Elvis Presley grew up. The entire place just emanates country music. You will find music oozing out of every little thing that forms part of Nashville. It is nicknamed as the music city. Every year, the Country Music Awards (CMA) music festival is hosted here and music lovers from all over the world find common ground here. This place is heaven not just for people who play country music but also for people who are die hard country music fans. The record stores here host live music shows where people can experience the magic of exhilarating country music.


  1. London.


As everyone knows, London is a place where people belonging to different cultures collide. You may be surprised to know that London is home to not just one but a plethora of music styles. Music in London, like any other art form, is taken very seriously. There is foot tapping and head banging rock and roll music along with the slower more peaceful and calming Rand B. There is also Hip-hop, jazz and reggae that form part of London’s music culture. Usually places like stadiums and studios are packed with music lovers listening to their favourite artists perform. Even the clubs and pubs are great meeting places for those who live, eat and breathe music.


  1. Cuba.


When you think of Cuba, the first image that would generally pop into your mind is the blast of colours that this place has to offer. Every building here is a different colour reflecting the culture of this rich, multi hued and multi faceted place. Like the colours that pop out in Cuba, the music is equally rich. It combines so many elements and cultures of other countries that mingle to form one musical rhythm that is hard to miss. It combines the elements of African music and Spanish instruments and a rich spell of jazz sprinkled generously into these and you have the Cuban music that you just cannot afford to miss. The bars and pubs here are so alive with local people being nothing less than friendly.


  1. Berlin.


This German capital is the hub of music lovers. Berlin has an extraordinary reputation when it comes to supporting various art forms, rich and beautiful music being one of them. If partying is on your agenda, then Berlin is the place for you. With its heart thumping electronic music and some of the best DJs in the world, a music lover cannot afford to miss this place.



Vincent is a traveller. He is a graduate in tourism and hospitality. He loves to travel around the world and explore little secrets about these places and in his part time he book hotels in Tenerife. A music fanatic himself, he believes that music is the thread that weaves countries and people together in a way that erases all boundaries.