A Tourist's Guide To Perth

Perth is the largest city in Western Australia. As the fourth most populous city in the country, Perth offers some really exciting things to do and see while you are here as a tourist. One of the first things that you will notice when you land in Perth is the heat and humidity of the place. The average high during the summer months of December to February is around 42 Celsius while the winters are more 'mediterranean' type with temperatures hovering around the 15 Celsius.

Arriving At Perth

There is excellent connectivity between the airport and most of the important locations within the city. You may either make use of the airport shuttles that connect the airport with five major destinations within the city - the East Perth railway station, the West Australian museum, Wellington Street, The Kings Perth Hotel and the Ambassador hotel on Adelaide Terrace. If the frequency of the shuttles do not work out for you, or the destination you want to reach is far from any of these five points, it is a good idea to use of the private car rentals. Some of these services also offer pre-booking facility on their luxury car airport transfers

Things To Do & See

Perth has a lot to offer in terms of attractions.You can visit the Kings Park that gives you a pretty panoramic view of the entire city. You can also check out the Bell tower which is extremely popular among tourists. Here, you will see twelve massive bells housed in a tower that is 82.5 meter tall and is arguably one of the largest musical instruments on earth. Other attractions to check out in Perth include exploring marine life at Rockingham Wild, getting a view of the exotic wild animals from Australia at the Caversham wildlife park and learning the lives of the earliest settlers in Australia at the Azelia Lay Homestead museum. 


Perth is a shoppers dream. Head over to the Fremantle shopping city where you can shop for aboriginal crafts, jewelry, footwear and also the famous Fremantle chocolates. Within the city, you can also check out the London Court, Harbour town as well as the Coventry Square markets. 

Food & Night Life

No city guide is complete without a word on the city's famous restaurants and eateries. Some of the most popular dining places in Perth include the Char Char Bull restaurant where you can taste the authentic Australian steaks. If seafood is your thing, do not forget to check out the Mussel Bar seafood restaurant located close to the Fremantle fishing boat harbour. 

There is a lot more to Perth than what a short article can cover. Do plan out an itinerary before you visit Perth so that you do not miss out on any of the exciting things this city has to offer.