Top 3 Food Trucks Of Australia


Travelling to Australia for holidays? Already in Australia? Well whatever your reason is to be in Australia, you are definitely not staying without food. And if you are travelling to a place, what better than to stay like a local. Like they say – when in Rome, walk like a roman. Similarly if you are exploring, eat like a true explorer. There are thousands of café, bars, pubs and restaurants in each suburb of Australia. However the number of food trucks in Australia is no less. We have shortlisted some of the best food trucks we enjoyed during our trip. Lets see them:


  • Beatbox Kitchen: To taste the best burgers in the world, try the Raph burger with French fries at the Beatbox Kitchen; and this is not exaggeration. The gastronomical experience that this food truck brings is unimpeachable. For $11 one can try the many tastes that they offer. Two types of burgers named Raph and Shroom with two types of traditional sauces from the owners home are the secret ingredients to the success of this delicious food journey. One might think there aren’t enough variety but in real, once you eat these burgers you cant stop eating. Annies relish sauce with raph burger and fries is one option, and the other burger that one can try is the shroom burger that comes with fries and stereo sauce. The truck plays some awesome loud music and travel in the northern Melbourne regions. Lygon, St Kilda, Fitzroy, Carlton and Northcote are the most common places one would find the truck.

  • Eat Art Truck: Sydney’s renowned late night truck that serves some of the best food one must try once in a lifetime. Eat Art truck is run by the powerful and finest culinary expert Stuart McGill. He sells American, Japanese and Barbeque items on his truck. At the food truck spot, one can never miss the sight of chicken wings that are dusted with shichimi peppers and lots of mayonnaise. This is the national dish and most sought after dish of the Eat Art Truck. Crispy and spicy from outside, and moist from inside is what makes this dish the most eaten one. Apart from this, Stuart serves scrumptious BBQ brisket with kimchi, sashimi kingfish, fish ceviche, Jamaican salad, tortilla chips and lots of cheese and mayonnaise.

  • Dhaba Curry Truck: The Dhaba Curry Truck is a typical Indian food truck serving super delectable noth Indian food. The dhaba owner also owns a restaurant in Mill and Kyneton and is amongst the city’s (Melbourne) funkiest and fun restaurant. The bollywood theme is followed in the restaurant, van and truck too. For food, you have infinite options. Butter chicken, Rogan josh, beef masala, navratna korma for main course. For the entrees and side dish, try out the samosa, papdi chaat and the paranthas. The samosas served here are hot and chutney is accompanied; the taste is to die for. For tasting the real Indian food, one needs to know that this truck is the best example. Live the real taste of crunchy, tangy, sweet and spicy sensations all in one dish.




All these trucks have their own routes, times and destinations. Please follow them on twitter and facebook to know more.


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