If you stick on your seat for too long during a flight, sometimes the trip becomes too monotonous. It therefore create the necessity of planning ahead by trying to come up with suitable ways to keep busy yourself in the flight.

Below are some of the most suitable ways to have yourself an enjoyable trip and one that is not boring:


This is one of the best ways. You can choose to enjoy your movie alone or with a group of some people. However, watching your movie alone is the best as it gives you the freedom to choose a movie of your choice without inconveniencing anyone.


You can choose to read a magazine, a newspaper or even a novel. These all depends with your own likes. Try to give whatever you choose to read full concentration. If you choose to read a newspaper, make sure you only focus on the most eye-catching areas otherwise your attention is likely to be drawn elsewhere.



While on-line, you can do different tasks at a go. These tasks include; chatting, going through Facebook and Twitter updates, finishing some work, doing some research on something that you were concerned with sometimes back etc.


Some of the people enjoy being updated on where they are especially while flying over land. It is of worth looking on the maps and the flight info and then trying to look through the window.


It is healthy to have a little walk during the flight though there is a rule against walking on the airplane. Stretching your legs relieves you, look at the seats behind you and you can perhaps even meet some interesting people who can keep you busy through the journey.


It can even be more entertaining when you play your game with a friend or two. Take turns and you will always feel the anxiety to have your turn and win over your friend. It is also possible to play alone.


Most flights have magazines that have a variety of games ranging from sudoku, crossword puzzles ad such. When you focus on these games, your mind becomes so occupied and you realize when the trip ends and even feel like you want to just continue struggling with the game.


This one is very interesting as at times you chat with people probably you will not see again. Share your experiences with them and even try to know their origin and destination.


Provided it is done with moderation, one or two drinks will not do you any harm. Enjoy sip by sip but also contain yourself, don't misbehave.


To me, NO! Perhaps it’s the only alternative that will give you comfort, go ahead and do your damnedest, probably you can even look for a pillow.


The tips above do not work for everyone. It is advisable for you to try to have a thorough evaluation of the alternative that can work best for you so that you don't end up forcing yourself into one that will even bring you more boredom. Make sure you book your ESTA early enough for your trip to US, so that you are not inconvenienced during the day of your trip.