Take a BOLT Tour Through Central American Countries

Planning a tour of Central America need not be difficult when you participate in a BOLT trip. An abbreviation for Buses or Local Transport, BOLT tours offer a convenient and safe way to see all of the Central American sights. Tourists can choose between northbound and southbound trips.

About BOLT Tours

BOLT tours are a cost effective option for travelers, as they involve transportation by means of buses, overnight buses, taxi cabs, ferries and collectivos. Participants are able to tour a number of regions on a budget and can also save money on accommodations, which typically include shared hostel or hotel rooms. When choosing to go on a BOLT tour, travelers move about various countries alongside the locals and have the additional benefit of a knowledgeable tour leader. These tours operate in both a northbound and southbound direction and travelers have the option of remaining on board for an entire tour or taking shorter journeys. BOLT tours in Central America can also be combined with North American trips, resulting in an exciting multi-nation trip that lasts for several months.

Information on Northbound BOLT Tours

Trek America offers northbound BOLT tours through Central America between the months of April and November. The available tours include Antigua to Mexico City, Antigua to Los Angeles, San Jose to Antigua, San Jose to Los Angeles, San Jose to Mexico City and Mexico City to Los Angeles. Northbound BOLT tours range in duration from 13 days to 45 days, with the San Jose to Los Angeles tour being the longest. Depending on which BOLT tour is selected, participants are able to visit areas such as Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Belize. Activities include swimming, hiking, enjoying guided tours, shopping, listening to live music, taking Spanish lessons and stargazing. The northbound BOLT tours feature sightseeing destinations such as the Baja Peninsula, the Agua Azul waterfalls and the Palenque and Tikal archaeological sites.

Information on Southbound BOLT Tours

Travelers also have the option of joining a southbound BOLT tour through various regions in Central America. These tours, which run between the months of May and December, extend from Mexico City to Antigua, Antigua to San Jose, Los Angeles to Antigua, Los Angeles to Mexico City, Los Angeles to San Jose and Mexico City to San Jose. The shortest southbound BOLT tour is the 13-day excursion from Antigua to San Jose, while the longest is the 45-day trip from Los Angeles to San Jose. Participants enjoy all of the activities that are offered on the northbound tours and have the opportunity to visit the Yucatan Peninsula, Roatan Island and the Mayan ruins.

If you desire an affordable, comprehensive and exciting trip through the beautiful countries of Central America, then gather some friends together and sign up for a BOLT tour. These tours are especially suited to people who prefer having a good deal of free time mixed in with following a travel itinerary. Whether you plan on taking a brief BOLT tour or are interested in spending months in Central America, you can easily plan an adventure filled with friends, fun and memorable experiences.


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