Size Sometimes Matters...

Obviously, size only matters when it comes to certain things though!! Some people think that the bigger houses are, the better they must be. The bigger the dog, the safer you’ll feel in your own home. Cruisers are also agreeing (to some extent) with the bigger is better trend, with huge cruise ships proving extremely popular when it comes to booking cruises.


Of course, the bigger the ship; the more room there is for exciting new facilities and entertainment features. Many of the more modern liners feature things such as on-board water parks, surf simulators and ice skating rinks, as well as gyms and running tracks.


Royal Caribbean International are perhaps one of the better known cruise lines that offers great cruise itineraries aboard some of the world’s largest cruise vessels. Perhaps the two most impressive of such cruise ships being sister ships Allure and Oasis of the Seas. Allure is statistically the biggest cruise ship on the planet, and offers a huge array of accommodation and amenities to her passengers. Oasis comes in at a meagre 5cm smaller, and has a very similar layout.


Celebrity Cruises also offer some larger cruise vessels that prove very popular with their customers; including the likes of (Celebrity) Equinox, Eclipse and Solstice. With features like mini golf and a glass blowing studio, these two are ships that should never leave passengers without something to do. The variety and quality of food on-board cruises with Celebrity is also one of the main attractions of booking a cruise holiday on one of these ships.


Then, there are the cruise vessels belonging to Disney Cruises. Fantasy and Dream are perhaps two of the most impressive ships I have ever seen, and are also in the much larger group of ships that the cruising industry has to offer. Fantasy is a very new ship offering impressive entertainment including a musical based on Aladdin, and Dream focuses a lot on children and making cruising appealing and fun for them.


It goes without saying that sometimes, the traditional way; with the smaller, more intimate ships and the real “at-sea-experience”, is the best way to go and is preferred by many. But the newer, larger vessels are practically moving holiday parks, allowing you to take everything with you and see different parts of the world all in one round trip; what could be better?