Six Secrets behind a Trouble-Free Cruise vacation with Teenagers

 A family cruise vacation is one of the best travel options for families with teens. However, teenagers aren’t the easiest travel companions. Parents taking these teenage children know that they enjoy their space at sea as much as they do at home provided they get the required freedom. A young adult’s special needs are not an issue, but dealing with the needs of a teen can be challenging. However, as a parent if you can apply a few smart tricks while cruising with your teenage kid, you will never be in trouble for sure.

Set your expectation

Understand that your teen will not want to be with you constantly on the cruise. They have their own set of plans with their friends or cousins. You have to plan your vacation accordingly. Set times when you can expect your teen kid to be with you – during the meals or certain family activities. However, before booking the cruise tickets, make sure you and your teen have reviewed the plan.

 Most important, allow your teen to have a set amount of money that they can spend every day. Monitor your ship account on a regular basis to make sure that there no surprises.

Teenagers need more space

Every sailing is different with respect to cabin options and other activities available. So confirm details of the vacation before booking the ship. Beyond the standard quads and triples, there are options including mini-suites, suites, family suites, adjoining or adjacent cabins or cabins facing each other across a hall. Compare the price of all these options on the sailing and choose accordingly. If you are considering two separate rooms, make sure that the adjoining and the adjacent rooms allow you to monitor the level of sound emanating from your teen’s room especially at night. But remember, adjoining cabins and family suites are always in high demand during the peak summer, spring break and during the Christmas.

The arrangement of two separate rooms allows parents to have an easier time dealing with their late-rising teens and enjoy privacy for themselves.

Encourage participation

Urge your teen to go to the teen’s program and activities on the first night of the cruise even if he/she resists. Usually teen friendship and cliques form within the 24 hours of the cruise. Teens tend to be extremely miserable when they are bored. So look for cruise ships that offer a wide variety of activities such as ice-skating, golf, air hockey, bowling, rock climbing, ropes courses, zip lining, basketball court or other interactive sports games. Children of all age, especially teens, also enjoy swimming and relaxation by the side of the pool. These onboard pools are just perfect for the teenagers. With a lifeguard on duty, you can feel relaxed allowing your teenager to swim unattended while you enjoy the other cruise activities.

Most importantly, look for late night activities. Choose a ship with teen clubs and activities that stay open at night. Moreover, check beforehand, if your ship has 24- hour food options to suppress the potential late-night hunger. However, make sure the teens have enough money to play the games of their choice, as most games found inside the cruise ship require coins or tokens.

Pick an itinerary that offers exciting shore excursion

Almost every cruise liners offer a wide variety of itinerary and destinations to choose. So choose such onshore destination that has plenty of port stops, excursions, adventure tours, water sport activities that will undoubtedly attract the teenager’s interests. Discuss shore excursions options in advance and avoid departing early in the morning.

Pay attention to the availability of foods

You will find major cruise lines have late-night pizzerias and 24-hour dining areas.  Choose a cruise ship that offer foods of your teen’s choice. They can enjoy their evening snacks or late-night dinner with their friends while simultaneously enjoying their activities. Good foods and friends can at any time make a teen be happy no matter where they are.

Make your teen aware of your vacation rules

Cruising ship is one of the best vacation options for the families with teens. If you want to avoid turning your cruise vacation into a nightmare, establish certain disciplines in advance and be prepared to enforce them. For instance, clearly explain your teen when you expect them at meals, how they behave in front of your social groups, how they should ignore certain activities in cruise ship like gambling and strictly ask them to inform you where they are  while on-board.

I am sure these tips will make your vacation easier and more exciting.

About Author: Kabir Raja is a parking specialist with years of experience in Southampton cruises parking and writes for Parking4Cruises Ltd. He shares handy tips and information about Southampton cruise parking & port parking Southampton.