Save Time In London, Have Your Sushi Brought To You

Fast becoming one of the favourite meals of cultures all around the world, sushi is now a hugely popular dining choice in London, for locals and tourists alike. Traditionally eaten in restaurants seated around a conveyor belt, now it is easier than ever, with sushi deliveries brought to your door.

Originating in southeast Asia, but most commonly associated with Japan, sushi encompasses a huge variety of dishes, all centred around the core ingredient of cooked vinegared rice. Until only a few decades ago it was still a rare delicacy in the UK, but recently it has become more widespread on high streets across the country and is now readily available from most major food retailers. Chains of sushi restaurants have sprung up in cities and towns, but by far the most convenient way to buy it is via a sushi delivery direct to your door.



There have been many articles and research theories in recent years surrounding the health benefits of sushi, ranging from the beneficial properties retained within fish meat if it is uncooked to the digestive benefits of a food whose main ingredient is rice, but what most people can agree without the need for scientific research is that sushi is delicious.

To ensure the best possible flavour of sushi it should be eaten shortly after preparation, which is why freshly delivered sushi will taste better than store-bought versions, which may end up sitting in your fridge for a few days. Our sushi products are handmade, rather than by machine, to make sure everything that goes into our menus is of the highest quality and freshest produce, carefully prepared to give the best representation of this gorgeous food. A sushi delivery can also offer the opportunity to be adventurous and try new recipes and ingredients outside your normal comfort zone, without the risk of wasted leftover ingredients. If you discover a new combination you instantly fall in love with, you will be able to order it time and again from our expansive menu options.


Founded five years ago and currently only operating within London, You Me Sushi has four outlets, providing a delivery region that covers the North, West and Central areas of London. By entering your postcode on our simple-to-use website, you can find out whether we deliver to your address. Alternatively, if you happen to be close by, you are welcome to call in and collect from us in person.

Whether you are visiting London for a brief period or currently reside in the city, life is too short to wait around queuing for restaurants or preparing your own meals. A sushi delivery is the ideal way to cut down on the time taken to get your hands on this delicious eastern cuisine in all its forms and enjoy it in whichever setting and with the company you choose, to make a perfect meal.


Jennifer Roberts has been engaged as a food critic and dietary writer for over ten years, during which time she has contributed website articles and blogs for a variety of cuisines and food industry specialists. Based in London, she is ideally located to stay informed about the latest restaurant trends and she keeps her brain working when writing by taking regular deliveries from You Me Sushi.