Questions to ask a Private Aircraft Charter

There are many reasons that a person may choose to fly a private aircraft. Companies and people who fly their own planes are not the only ones who choose to fly privately. There are many corporations and individuals who choose to charter a private aircraft that another person or company owns and manages. In these cases a person may choose to work directly with their local aircraft operator or they may choose to book their flight with an aircraft charter broker. A broker will know the industry, research with diligence, and find the best private jet option at the best price.

There are over 2500 air charter operators who fly in and out of airports located in the United States and there are thousands more who fly to airports around the world. It is quite likely that there is a charter operator who flies out of a regional airport located near you. These charter operators are ready to provide you with on demand air travel for both pleasure and business trips.

When considering a private charter flight, how do you know if the charter operator uses a crew with experience? Will the charter operator be able to accommodate you if there is a last minute change in your itinerary?

Before signing a contract with a charter broker or a charter operator it is important to ask questions about insurance, customer service, and safety to ensure you will get the service that you need. Here are a few questions that you should ask before booking a flight.

1. Experience and Certification

You should ask about their FAA certification as well as how long they have been in business in both aviation and as a charter operator.  The operator should have an FAA 135 operating certificate that is current. The name that appears on the certificate should be the same name as the company that offers the aircraft.

2. Types of Aircraft

 You should ask about the types of aircraft that are listed on the charter certificate. Ask about the years that the aircraft was manufactured and whether there have been any major refurbishments such as the flight equipment, paint, or interior, that have been completed on the aircraft. If there have been refurbishments as when they were completed.

3. Crew

 In addition to the type of aircraft that the company offers, you should ask how many crews that they have. You need to ask if there has ever been any enforcement action taken against the operator or one of the crewmembers by the FAA.

 Ask about the experience of the crew including the number of flight hours. You should also ask about how many hours they have in a particular make and model of each of the aircraft.

 If there is a special operation required for the trip such as a mountain airport or one that extends over water, ask about the experience the crew has with dealing with these types of operations. Consider asking about any type of training that the crew goes through before the flight. Ask where the training is completed, either on the aircraft or in a simulator.

4. Safety and Security

You should ask about the safety record of the operator. Ask if he/she has had any incidents or accidents and if so what measures they have gone through in order to ensure an increased amount of safety.

You will want to ask if an independent third party organization has ever audited the company. Ask about the findings and how the company compares to other charter companies.

It is important to ask about the security screening procedures that are used to identify passengers. Most operators will not describe their security plan details so you should target your questions about what you need to do in order to comply with their security program.

5. Maintenance of the Aircraft

 When you are flying on a private jet you will want to make sure that the jet has been properly maintained. Ask about routine maintenance checkups that are performed on the aircraft. It is also a good idea to ask how the operator will handle a maintenance situation that could occur on a flight that you have booked. Conclusion

 Flying in a private jet is a great way to travel. However, you have to be very careful when you are booking your flight. Make sure that you research the charter company thoroughly and ask all of the above questions and several more before ever signing a contract. Jet Set Charter can provide you with more information about different charter flights that are available and will also help you book your next charter flight with a reputable operator.