Preparing For A Music Festival

There are many music lovers who would sacrifice just anything to attend a music festival. Every music festival offers a delightful experience. For instance, Glastonbury festival is a three-day event. It is one of the largest music festivals in the world. In fact, it attracts more than 100,000 visitors every year. In order to get the best Glastonbury experience, you need to prepare well. When we talk about outdoor music festivals, proper knowledge about preparing for a music festival can make a big difference to your overall fun and experience. In this article, we will tell you about preparing for a music festival.

Travel Plans - First of all, you need to make travel plans for reaching a music festival. You also need to decide the date and time of your arrival. Most of the musical events begin on Friday. However, festival gates may be opened a couple of days prior to the commencement of the music festival. It is always better to arrive early to avoid traffic and find a camping spot. Reaching your destination early will also ensure a parking spot if you are travelling in your own car.

Packing - You need to create a packing checklist. The ticket of your music festival will be the most important thing to pack. For the best Glastonbury experience or more fun at some other music festival, you also need to pack basic supplies like sun block, plasters, toilet paper and general medicines. If you have a habit of wearing glasses, it will be better to carry a second pair. Plastic bags and bin liners don't take much space. They are perfect for protecting your items during rainy weather. You should also pack a torch and some fresh batteries.

Clothing & Footwear - While packing clothes and footwear, you need to consider all kinds of weather conditions. You should carry shorts, T-shirts, waterproof jackets and so on. You also need to carry some good shoes. Most of the people carry hiking boots or wellington boots for muddy and wet conditions. It is important to understand that festival conditions can quickly become notorious. Therefore, you should not carry any clothes you don't want to get ruined.

Food - Although most music festivals have food stalls, they can be quite expensive. It is always better to carry your own food. When you pack your own food, you are able to save a lot of money. In case you are packing canned food, make sure you also keep a tin opener. Avoid taking glass bottles as most music festivals don't allow them.

Cash & Mobile - You need to consider the budget for the music festival. Although there are many cash machines on festival grounds, long queues can affect your Glastonbury experience. Therefore, it is always better to carry sufficient cash. You should also carry your mobile phone with you. Most people leave their cell phones to support the festival spirit. However, mobile phones are very handy for contacting friends and handling emergencies on festival grounds.

Last but not the least, you should double check everything before you leave. For instance, you should assemble your tent to make sure you are not leaving behind any vital components. Preparing properly for a music festival will help you enjoy it even more and manage a delightful experience.