Planning a Group Travel - Best Ways to Have fun while Travelling

Group travel is perhaps the best way in which you can have fun while on a trip. A trip becomes more fun when you have friends or family to share it with. In the process, it creates camaraderie and fellowship, as personal bonds and closer affinity between the people in the group are fostered. People can travel in family, club, student, church, association or even missionary groups.



When planning on a fun group travel, the following are awesome ideas you should try out:


  • Go for a road trip

Group travel usually requires advance arrangement for a shuttle service, caravan or any other means of transport with the capacity to hold everyone. In large groups, more than one vehicle comes to play. You can arrange for hire services or cheaper alternatives such as train rides. However, when you have the luxury of time in your hands, you can make it a road trip. You simply drive in turns, making occasional stops at places of interest and camping at night. This is the ultimate fun on the road.


  • Read books

You can take theatre to the vehicle, reading popular plays aloud while enacting the parts. You can even add more drama by carrying with you costumes. Those members of the group who do not participate in the acting will still be entertained from watching the drama unfold. If your group includes young children, you can always get children’s books and read them aloud to the youngsters.


  • Play board games

You can organize a tournament of board games in the vehicle. You just need to provide a variety of board games, which can range from monopoly to scrabble, chess, risk, checkers, sequence, clue or backgammon. You then get the group members identify the games they are interested in. You may be surprised to find the gamers with nothing else in common engaging in animated conversations, which will set the tone for the rest of the trip


  • Hold a counting competition

The group can watch the road through the windows of the vehicle, counting the cars that pass you by. You can turn this into a fun sport by having some people identify landmarks of the places you pass by as indicated in maps, travel planners and cultural books. Whoever identifies the largest number of landmarks becomes the winner.


  • Play truth and dare

You can stimulate people’s excitement in getting to know one another by playing a game of truth and dare. A person is supposed to choose to either answer truthfully to a question they are asked or be dared to do something outrageous. Alternatively, you can have “What if” and “Would you rather” questions written in slips of paper and passed around in a container. As people answer to such questions are “What if you were to live for a thousand years?” and “Would you rather eat one food type or never take a bath till you die?”, you are sure to get a laugh out of it even as people find out more about each other.



Before you pack up for your trip, you should find out the group activities that are available at the place you are supposed to rendezvous. You have to think of not only what you want to see and do, but also what all the other group members want. Planning group activities is often challenging but when you are going to a place that has all sorts of fun outdoor stuff for teenagers, adults and even toddlers, you get more time to enjoy yourself.

Derrick Levine is a tours and travel agent, who also writes articles blogs on related topics. His particular topics of interest are fun travel and adventure tourism. He also offers advice on how to acquire a Merlin Annual Pass at a great deal.