A Jersey holiday has it all

As soon as you step foot on Jersey you’ll notice its unspoiled landscape and the mix of influences in everything from food and wine to the name of the roads, on one hand French and on the other British. 


On holiday in Jersey you’ll really get away from it all. It’s relaxing and hospitable with a magnificent coastline and winding lanes, some of which are Green Lanes with a maximum speed of only 15 miles an hour. Indeed the maximum speed across the whole island is only 40mph, which adds to the seemingly slower pace of life. And, with Jersey covering a mere 45 square miles, much of it being unspoilt countryside, it’s easy to see Jersey's appeal and why the government have strict planning laws in existence to ensure it stays like this. 


But this doesn’t mean there isn’t much to do here. The island is just full of history and you could spend your whole holiday visiting historic attractions, museums and learning all there is to know about Jersey culture. And walkers and cyclists can really appreciate Jersey’s natural beauty, without fear of being harassed by speeding cars. Likewise families love the great choice of beaches, some palm lined sandy beaches and others rocky coves. And there are rocky caves in those rocky coves. For those who like swimming or kayaking around hidden bays, you can explore to your heart’s content parts of the island that others won’t get to see let alone enjoy. 


It’s also the perfect place to live life, forget your problems and take part in exciting outdoor activities that are rarely available elsewhere. From traditional surfing to the lesser known kite surfing or wakeboarding, or for those who want to keep their feet dry, blokarting. The wide choice available will make the difference between a holiday and a great Jersey holiday.


 St. Helier of course is much busier but then it’s nice to have the opportunity of tasting the exciting nightlife with a variety of bars, restaurants and nightclubs. Here you’ll particularly notice the mix of French and British in everything from the cuisine to what you can buy in the shops. There’s a Victorian covered market but then there are French influences inside, especially the boutiques!


While St.Helier might be busy the Green Lanes cover an area of almost 50 miles, quieter roads that give priority to walkers, cyclists and horse riders, with plans for this to be increased over the coming years to a full Jersey-wide network.


And, it’s even better news for cyclists as they have 96 miles of cycle routes around coastal and rural areas, some on-road and others off-road. Bikes can be rented for the period of your holiday and you can choose whether to see the island under your own steam or as part of a guided tour with others.



One such tour is to follow in the tracks of the old steam railway system, which operated until the early 20th century. This starts at St. Aubin's Bay and runs for about 8 miles to La Corbière with its stunning lighthouse.


Alternatively, there’s the more challenging complete island tour which takes cyclists on a 40 mile journey from St. Helier all the way around the coastline where you’ll see how diverse it truly is. You’ll reach the highest point you can during your holiday in Jersey as well as a visit to Gerald Durrell’s Wildlife Conservation Trust.



But by far the best way of finding out more about what this island has to offer is to book a holiday to Jersey and experience it yourself.