How to have a good time in Split, Croatia


Travelling in any form is exciting and interesting, but in order to make the most of your opportunity you should try and get a specific insight into what your destination is actually like. Split is often pictured as an idyllic getaway destination, and it most definitely is, but in order to really squeeze every possible ounce of enjoyment out of this Croatian paradise, there are a few things that you need to know. Armed with this knowledge, an open mind, and a spirit of adventure, you may find that Split becomes your dream destination. Keep on reading to get the insider scoop on the best way to approach this majestic town.

Don’t Settle

This may seem like an odd comment to make right off the bat, but it is not as elitist or paranoid as it sounds. Split is a beautiful and ancient city, which is wonderful in itself, but the best way to have a good time in Split is to use it as a base from which you can explore the surrounding area. Because of the fact that it is a transport hub for cars, boats, trains and planes, Split is best thought of as home base. Use your time here to get in touch with Croatian culture and get a feel for the area, before planning forays into the landscape around here. Think small towns, ancient ruins, natural beauty and a great climate, all orbiting around one truly special place.

Avoid the Northern Suburbs

Once again, this is a somewhat deceptive subtitle.  Split is arguably the safest city in Europe, so security is not an issue at all. The reason that people suggest you avoid this region is purely because it is a little bit mundane, and doesn’t really hold the beauty or opportunities that you are looking for. People live here, so unless you are really an avid anthropologist conducting a highly specialized study, you would do well to stay away. And that is said with as much love as possible.

Diversify Your Experience

The trick to really enjoying Split is to do as many different things as you can. Most visitors like to lounge around the hotel and take in the views, which is relaxing enough, but Split is the kind of city that one has to really go out and engage with. Make a plan to explore the towns nearby for a real experience, visit the ancient ruins, spend a night out on the town, and eat the local food. Unlike other tourist destinations, Split is more than ready to open up and welcome you should you take the first step.

Split is an enigma. On the surface it is a traditional European town, quaint and ancient, but if you can scratch the surface, you are sure to find a real treasure trove of tranquillity, adventure, and unique perspectives, all rolled into one compelling product. Don’t be afraid – Split is waiting for you right now.

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