Having the Right Equipment for a White-Water Rafting Adventure

White-water rafting has progressed from a fun and exciting leisure activity to something that is highly challenging with a wide range of dedicated classes and championships of whitewater. Basically, rafting supplies relate to a safe and well-maintained raft, proper clothing, and the necessary tools and equipment for an enjoyable trip.


Popular in a great number of destinations, whitewater rafting does have its dangers but if you are able to able to remain fully mindful of your location and those around you, this should go a long way to making certain a rafting trip is completed more successfully. In order to progress to the faster river rapids, it helps if you are able to have a fundamental appreciation of the basic safety precautions and the level of the river when planning the rafting trip.

Here are some of the main items of equipment you are likely to experience on a whitewater rafting adventure:


River raft:


A lightweight and highly durable raft, at 10 to 18 feet in length, offers a basic construction of air chambers and fabrics and coated in a high-strength material like neoprene or urethane. Rafts are approximately 6 to 8 feet in width and are mainly designed to accept groups or parties of paddlers - although there are some versions of the raft that are designed for the single person in mind.




Investing in a lightweight set of paddles is a highly desirable prior to starting on a White Water Rafting Arkansas adventure. Lightweight oars in a quality material are highly desired in order to avoid fatigue after a short period of paddling.


Safety equipment:


Rescue the safety equipment like multi-tools, throw bags, rope, and a first aid kit are highly desirable when you are out in the wilderness, far from civilization. A shatterproof helmet and life jacket are highly desirable options to limit injury if you should fall overboard in the rough waters. A throw bag is a crucial item of equipment which can be highly effective at assisting the swimming that is starting to lose contact with the main group.


Repair Kit:


If incidents do happen while out on the river that is likely to compromise the structure of the raft, a repair kit is highly beneficial in order to make any immediate repairs necessary. Even if the repair is only likely to hold-up for the short-term, it can still help to get underway on your journey. Items to include in the repair kit includes a bail bucket for those situations where it is necessary to keep scooping water from the raft, as well as an air pump should it be necessary to re-inflate the raft after a collision with a rock outcrop.




Aim to wear layers of lightweight clothing and not wear thicker articles of clothing, such as sweats or jeans as these are more inclined to hold water. In situations where it is particularly cool a high-quality wetsuit should keep you insulate when out on the river. If you are planning a multi-day rafting trip it is often benefits to include a dry bag to help with keeping your equipment safe and dry.


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