Guaranteed sunshine at an affordable price

The search for the sun has been relentless; the growth of air travel led to a huge increase in people finding exactly what they were looking for. The place they found was the Mediterranean which was a relatively short distance away from the regional airports in the UK.


  • Spain

The number one country to benefit was Spain with its coastal resorts expanding to cater for this new found phenomenon. Overseas tourists brought new found revenue that the country’s economy came to rely upon.

It need not be crowded on cheap package holidays to the Costa del Sol

Things have not changed a great deal even though the choices that holiday makers have has increased. Spain remains extremely popular and the cheap package holidays to the Costa del Sol ensure that the beaches will be full every summer.

The coastline of Southern Spain has everything a tourist might want. The fine weather through the weeks of summer rarely lets the tourist down. The infrastructure to keep holiday makers happy has developed so that they can enjoy the beach, do any water sport imaginable, play golf or simply sit with a drink and watch the world go by.


  • Southern resorts

There are many popular resorts in the deep south of Spain. The airport servicing the area is Malaga while Torremolinos is another resort very popular with the Brits. Marbella is perhaps the jewel, a place for the rich and famous, who like to be seen in all the best places.

The days when this coastline was a series of fishing villages have long gone but the fish are still there as just one of the fine dining alternatives within the Mediterranean cuisine which is widely regarded as one of the most healthy available today. The fact that it is often washed down with a fine bottle of Rioja matters not.

  • Online booking

If travel ever needed a boost, it received it with the introduction of the Internet. It allowed the travel companies to interact directly with the consumer. It took a while to develop because there was initial suspicion in handing over personal financial details for payment. However the concerns were soon dispelled with people becoming used to the idea of actually booking their travel and accommodation online.

Companies grew as it became clear that a website was an excellent way for them to interact with potential clients. An interactive calendar allows them to provide immediate details of availability on an enquirer’s dates. That can be accommodation, flight, or the whole holiday. Everyone can read details about their preferred accommodation option and the surrounding area.

If they wish to book, they can do so there and then. There is no longer any need for the local travel agent making numerous telephone calls. The whole thing can be done in minutes in the comfort of your front room. On a cold winter’s night there is nothing better than planning for the summer. The research will lighten the gloom and the confirmation email after the decision is made of where to go and when lets the traveller think for a moment about the sun; before opening the front door the next day.