Great Holiday Ideas for Parents With Young Children

Family holidays can be the highlight of your year. After all, what could be better than getting away with your nearest and dearest and forgetting about the stresses of work and everyday life? If you’re taking little ones with you though, it can be difficult to work out what sort of holiday you should take. The options are endless, and some are of course better than others.


  • Here, we take a look at some great holiday ideas for parents travelling with young children.


  1. City breaks


This may not be the obvious choice. After all, surely cities are busy places that are a nightmare to navigate with little ones! The truth is though that city breaks can be a brilliant option. Most places have excellent transport systems that are pushchair friendly, and there are often hundreds of locations that children will love, including museums, parks, and theme parks. Similarly, the food options are usually wide and varied. You’d be hard pushed to find a city that doesn’t have a restaurant that caters for children.


  1. Holiday cottages


If you plan to stay in the UK for your break, renting a cottage could be a great way to have a toddler friendly holiday. Think of rolling countryside, local pubs, and plenty of walking and fresh air. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Another benefit of this type of holiday is that you can take your own car, meaning less expenses and more convenience. You can also do your own catering, which is ideal if you have fussy eaters in tow! Holiday cottages exist throughout the country, so the hardest part will often be picking your desired destination.


  1. Villa breaks


If you’re taking your children away to a different country for the first time, a villa break could be just the ticket. You’ll have plenty of space of your own, and you’ll be able to cook your own meals. It can also be a lot cheaper than you might think. Look out for special offers outside of peak season, or consider sharing the property with friends or family who also have small children. Nights around the pool having a barbecue with your loved ones are the stuff that dreams are made of!



These three options provide possibly the best family holidays that you could ever wish for. With some forward planning and a sense of adventure, breaks with children needn’t be too stressful.


Are you thinking about taking your children away this summer? What sort of break will you go for?



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