Get bitten by the travel bug

An article exploring the excitement of travel and different experiences on offer for those who have never travelled before.

Life is for living. You only live once. Don't let life pass you by. There are a million clichhs out there trying to persuade us to make the most of every second, to not regret the things we never did, to grasp opportunities while we can. Do you know what? The clichhs are right. Most of us spend our everyday lives working, bringing up our children, paying our bills and doing our chores. And there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. But now and then everyone needs a break from the norm and one of the best ways to escape your routine and have some fun is to travel.

Whether you like relaxing by the pool or trekking across mountains, whether you like to be skibound or beach bound, taking a holiday or travelling for a little while can give you experiences you'll remember forever, leaving you feeling exhilarated yet refreshed, ready to return to work and life with new zest and enthusiasm.

Where you choose to go depends on what you enjoy and what your personal circumstances are. Couples with young children may prefer to travel somewhere reasonably close and make sure there are the right facilities and amenities for the kids. But there are plenty of action and adventure holidays that include children, so you don't need to feel restricted if you are the active sort. Winter holidays are also brilliant for families, so get skibound, get snowboarding and get the family out onto the slopes and enjoying the beautiful mountain scenery.

Go it aloneIf you are single, then there's nothing stopping you from going anywhere in the world on whatever type of holiday or trip takes your fancy. Don't be put off by the fact you are going it alone... many people choose to travel alone these days. If you are touring around then you may find others who are following the same route as you, or if you are looking for love or friendship then there are a huge number of holidays out there to bring single people together.

Enjoy your later lifePerhaps you are a little older or retired and you have never travelled before except for the occasional day trip or short hop   well, you could be in for the trip of a lifetime. You might fancy a safari, or a walking holiday, or perhaps you fancy learning to ski or scuba dive. Being older is no barrier to enjoying an active holiday. If you prefer some relaxation but you would still like to see some of the world, then a cruise is the perfect way to travel. Luxury all the way on board with the chance to see some of the world's most amazing places.

Travelling is not just about taking a holiday. It's about seeing new cultures, trying new foods, experiencing new adventures. Don't let life pass you by...


Lisa Farrow is a travel writer who has travelled the globe, enjoying all types of holidays and experiences on her travel. She has been to beaches and jungles, been skibound and snowbound and shares her experiences through her blogs and articles.