Five Things You Must Pack When Heading To A Beachside Holiday Apartment

One of the most popular ways to spend a holiday doing something intensely physical is to go surfing. And, by popular acclaim, one of the most popular surfing destinations in the world, no matter your individual skill level, has to be the legendary Gold Coast. This region will play host to more than a million surfers during a year’s time, and is also the founding area for one of the most popular affordable accommodations of all time, beachside holiday apartments.


Since the activity of choice when visiting these holiday abodes is surfing, it is highly recommended that you include your favorite wetsuits in among your luggage. Depending upon the time of year, that you visit, the water temperatures may vary from season to season. You never want to risk hypothermia, simply because you didn’t leave enough room for what should be standard equipment for all surfers.


For a surfing holiday, it goes without saying that not bringing along your best board, as well as maintenance tools, would be just this side of stupid. You can find some of the best surf to be had year round, and you would be sad to miss out on it due to a lack of equipment.

Day And Night Clothing.

The majority of beachside holiday apartments available to lease for surfing holidays will be quite spacious, and located near enough to social hotspots that you should have plenty of nighttime entertainment, as well as surfing during the day. And, don’t worry about laundry services, as most of these vacation rentals also come complete with both concierge and maid services.

Your Favorite Electronics.

For those times when the weather turns against you, and it is simply too nasty outside to have any fun, not to worry. Most of these holiday rentals will also come equipped with amenities like satellite TV, HD televisions and Wi-Fi. When that gets to be too much, you can always relax in the spa, which also includes a Jacuzzi.


Since a lot of these holiday accommodations also include a small kitchen, once you arrive, it might be a wise idea to go into town, and stock up on some supplies. Not only will it save you money on food during your stay, it will also give you a chance to soak up some of the local customs and cuisine by visiting the local marketplaces. While there, follow your nose to some of the local cafes, so you can pick up ideas for more exotic dishes to make.

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