Exploring The Beautiful Amalfi Coast!

The uniqueness of the natural landscape and the undisputed beauty of the Amalfi coastline have earned it the honor of being termed as one of the World Heritage Sites of UNESCO. The oxymoronic combination of fisherman and farmer, sea and mountain characterizes the land that’s regarded as Amalfi coast. Thanks to the endless efforts made by man, the mountains have learnt to adapt themselves to the demand of life over the centuries. Small pebble beaches, charming coves, bays, cliffs, natural arches, caverns and deep fjords can be found at Amalfi coast because it plunges into the sea. Over the ages, these natural elements have helped the area in becoming a seductive, sinuous and enchanting landscape. 

Therefore, it doesn’t come as a surprise to learn that in ‘Odysseus’, the epic poem of Homer, this particular area is called the Land of the Sirens. A very picturesque landscape is created by typical houses that have been painted with warm pastel colors and are leaning against each other as they follow the natural slopes that are part of the foothills of Mount Lattari. Dry stone walls are used for building the characteristic terraces, which provide a unique sensory experience as they expand the intense smell of the vineyards, lemon groves, the brooms and not to mention the salty air. 

The pearls of this land are thirteen and are located on a stretch of road, which is often regarded as one of the most scenic roads in the world. The tourists can feel strong emotions as the road is ripped with bare rock. They will have pleasant memories of this place and will leave with an intense desire to come back to visit this place that almost seems like a piece of heaven on earth. Some of the notable pearls of Amalfi Coast are: 


This is a small fishing village that products fishing related products, which have made it famous all over the world. It creates various culinary specialties like red tuna and the salted anchovy sauce.


Set amongst the green mountains, this is a group of districts and villages that are full of vineyards. 


This fascinating town is the oldest in Amalfi Coast and has some important and notable monuments. 

Vietri Sul Mare:

This area is renowned over the world for production of ceramics and is considered the gateway of Amalfi Coast.


This is a charming old town, although it looks pretty new and has narrow alleys and streets that help it in standing out. 


This town comprises of the remains of the ancient Roman villa and the hand-made pasta of this area is extremely tasty.


Having breathtaking views, this town has some architectural treasures that have enchanted important artists and writers and even chiefs of states for years. 


With a picturesque square, this is one of the smallest municipalities in Southern Italy. <br /><br />


This town draws tourists for its important buildings and having a look at the production of handmade paper in Amalfi.

Apart from these pearls, there are others like Furore, Positano and Priano that are known for their  Amalfi Coast rentals and other beautiful facilities and sights. <br /><br />