Every Day Is a Holiday by the Sea

When you retire you have a few choices to make, not least whether you are happy and settled in your present home. If you have little contact with your neighbours there seems little reason to stay. Your family might live miles away and you may only see them on rare occasions. You may have a favourite place where you have regularly been going for holidays and have never tired of its coastal location. Why not actually move there, as it will not affect your contact with your friends and family?


It may have been something you have thought about for a while. You have had your eye on park homes which will certainly allow you to downsize and put some money in the bank. If you have worked all your life building up the asset of a large home, you can start thinking about seeing more of the world while you are still active enough. It will not need too much of your money to have a dream trip to many of the exotic locations in the world, perhaps one or two holidays a year.

All year round

First of all you will need to investigate the park homes you have seen and satisfy yourself that you will be happy there. You might have already made friends on the site that you have visited before.

Living there full time is slightly different of course. A two bedroom home will mean you have a guest room and you will certainly save money on your utilities and  household bills.

Secure community

Whilst you are still active you will not generally want to move more than once more in your life so picking a pleasant and secure community certainly makes sense. Some of the site may not be completely occupied throughout the winter, but you know of many of the homes will be occupied just as you are contemplating; full time.

With leisure facilities on site there doesn’t seem to be any reason not to make the move especially if the family agree with the benefits of doing so.

While you will not own the freehold of your property anymore, that is really not important as the value of park homes seems to be holding up well. The site maintenance charges are insignificant compared with the utility savings you can make.

Detailed advice

Reputable companies such as http://www.allenscaravans.co.uk/residential-parks will give you advice about all the costs involved in buying a park home. You can find out more information about the relevant legislation that you need to know here.


Park home living has become increasingly popular, with many people enjoying the social life of a community and the security of knowing they are in a safe environment. Easy maintenance frees up time for leisure activities and will help you to make the most of your retirement. The locations in general are those that are ideal for holidays but equally good for full time habitation.  With your small reservations dismissed it is time to go on holiday, permanently.