Events to Look Out For When Visiting Sydney, the Harbor City of Australia

Sydney is a city with modern look and feel. Visiting Sydney offers you opportunities to enjoy varied hobbies and adventures while explore the numerous nature parks and the lovely beaches, frequented by travelers and locals all the year round.

There are many cheap international flights which fly to Sydney and you could always aboard them to travel to Sydney, Australia’s oldest and a truly cosmopolitan city. Sydney is a marvelous place to visit for it is a major hub of art, fashion and culture. You can surely plan a trip to Sydney and visit the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbor Bridge which make the city stand apart from the rest.

Golden Easter Egg Trophy

The Golden Easter Egg Trophy is an annual event that takes place in the months of March – April each year for almost two weeks. This event is held at the Wentworth Greyhound Race Track, where greyhounds chase the Easter bunny. This event comprises of ten preliminary rounds. The semifinals of the event are held on Saturdays before the Easter Saturday. The winners of this event can take home A$250,000 as first prize while the total prize money rests at almost A$475,000. So, let the chase begin.

Taste of Sydney

This event is sure to be attended by tourists who love tasting new dishes and flavors. The Taste of Sydney will be held at the Centennial Park from March 8 to 11, 2012. To attend this event you needs to pay an advance fee of A$25 along with an A$30 at the entrance. At this event, you will be able to taste ample signature sample dishes of Sydney’s top restaurants along with finest of local wines. You could interact with top master chefs who could provide you with their secret cooking tips and more. You could surely have a grand time here by savoring new dishes, sipping wine or beer with live music playing in the background.

Future Music Festival

The Future Music Festival is scheduled to take place on March 3, 2012 at the Doomben aka the Brisbane Turf Club. Attend this festival to listen to live fusion music ranging from electronica, pop, hip hop and not missing out the indie fare. From Brisbane, the Future Music Festival will travel through Perth, Sydney, and Melbourne. The grand finale of the event this year will be held at Adelaide on March 12. The Future Music Festival will include live performances by the Rapture, the Stafford Brothers, New Order, Fatboy, Slim and Tinie Tempeh. Cheap tickets to Sydney are always available and can be booked around this time of the year in case you have set your mind to attend the Future Music Festival 2012.

Traveling to Sydney for your annual holiday is a great idea. You could plan your holiday in advance by opting for flights to Sydney and making hotel reservations too. When in Sydney do make it point to laze around the ample beaches and enjoy your beach time by indulging in leisure activities such as surfing, swimming, snorkeling and cycling.

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