Enjoy an Unforgettable Holiday in the Scenic Backdrop of Scotland

If you are looking for spending a holiday in the tranquil set-up of nature and explore its pristine beauty, you may consider the name of Scotland. Though Scotland was never in the list of hot destinations for international tourists, but current trend of having a relaxing vacation in the lap of Mother Nature has changed their courses to this comparatively unexplored land. Besides the mesmerizing beauty of nature, Scotland has many other attractions for tourists. This is an ancient country with human inhabitation from prehistoric era, where contemporary European civilisation flourished in modern cities like Glasgow and Edinburgh. The Scottish highland is perfect for many outdoor sports and attracts number of travellers from all over the world.

Scotland has a rich heritage of history and culture. The existence of this land can be traced back to the prehistoric period, when Mesolithic men settled in the Scottish soil. Traces of Neolithic village, burial tomb from Bronze Age, and many other artefacts have been excavated from Scotland, though many of them have been destroyed due to repeated glaciations in different era. The land had Roman influence in ancient age and a number of kingdoms reigned over different periods. You can visit many historical signs, replica, monuments, castles and palaces that speaks of the saga for the old glory of this country.  

Scotland can boast over its spectacular scenic beauty. Dramatic mountain cliffs, lush green meadows and heather swept gorges together contribute towards the beautiful milieu. You can explore through the romantic wilderness of Scottish highlands, valleys kissing the horizon and breathtaking beauty of the lochs. You can also get attracted towards the unique wildlife and the dense vegetation of Scotland, which is still untouched by human. You might think about canal boat hire and take a boating holiday along Caledonian Canal, if you like adventure and sports. Hiking or trekking in the mountain trail is always challenging, but don’t forget to stop sometime for watching the mesmerizing beauty of nature that will remove your stress through healing touch. Besides, Holiday in Scotland might give you many opportunities for outdoor sports, like skiing, golfing, fishing, boating, mountain hiking, sea surfing etc.

You might also want to visit the great cities of Scotland, which provides all the amenities of modern lifestyle. Glasgow, the largest city of this country, has many museums and galleries. Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum houses an array of interesting items that draw the attention of many visitors every year. Edinburgh is another city, which you should not miss in your Scotland tour. The Castle of Edinburgh, situated on an extinct volcano, creates a pleasant backdrop for the city with some of the amazing examples of Georgian architecture. Every year the largest art festival is arranged in this city for about twenty five days during the month of August. Various forms of performing arts, like theatre and comedy also take part in this festival.

The Scottish people are very friendly and well-known for their warm hospitality. They have their unique inherent culture, dress, music and culinary habit. It is nice to have them around for their great sense of humour. You might want to “do as Scottish do” during the holidays to get the real flavour of Scottish lifestyle and culture. In a nutshell, the rolling hills, green pasture lands, snow-capped mountain ranges and modern cities of Scotland will offer you an absolute relaxing holiday away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.


Scotland can be an interesting holiday destination for enjoying the pristine beauty of nature. The perfect coexistence of historic backdrop with modern cities creates a magical spell on the tourists’ mind.

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Allen Scot is a college student, who loves adventure sports and travelling. He has opted for canal boat hire many times for spending boating holidays in different places. Caledonian Canal is one of his favourite destinations.