Enjoy the Great Outdoors with the Family in Europe

Activity holidays are a fantastic way to spend quality time with the family and Europe offers diverse ways to enjoy the great outdoors in fun and exciting ways

Keep Boredom at Bay on European Adventure Holidays

Every parent dreads hearing plaintive cries of boredom while holidaying with children or teenagers and it's fair to say that those complaints are fairly inevitable if you decide to spend the holidays touring museums, galleries and pursuing other cultural activities. On the other hand, parents that decide to embark on activity holidays with their offspring are virtually guaranteed a break that will be fun, exciting and invigorating for all those involved. Whether you decide to take skiing breaks in the Swiss Alps, go sailing around the Greek islands or cycling around the Italian lakes, adventure and activity breaks in Europe are never dull. And while activity and adventure breaks are great for older children and teenagers, there's no reason why parents with younger children, babies and toddlers can't join in the outdoorsy fun. Specially designed bicycles allow parents to cycle along with toddlers securely fastened in and there are even hiking backpacks designed to keep babies snugly attached to their parents' backs as they hike along.

Summer Activity Holidays for All Ability Levels

You don't need to be a family of keen rock climbers or fell runners in order to enjoy adventure and activity breaks. Family activity holidays in Europe are available to suit all fitness and ability levels and can be as relaxing or as adrenaline-pumping as you would like them to be. Cycling holidays in Holland, with its flat roads, beautiful scenery and endless cycling lanes, are a great way to spend a summer holiday and kids and teenagers will get a great sense of satisfaction from getting from point A to point B simply by cycling. It is possible to cover almost the entire distance of Holland by bike - certainly something for the kids to boast to their friends about when they get back home. For those keen to step up the adrenaline levels a little, the Alps are a favourite destination for a range of activity breaks. Although best known as a ski destination, this legendary mountain range is also a wonderfully scenic place to spend a summer break - those scenic mountain resorts make the ideal base for outdoorsy breaks that involve lake swimming, mountain biking, climbing, abseiling and horse riding.

Winter Activity Breaks

The onset of winter doesn't have to mean spending months cooped up inside watching television or playing computer games. Active families can embrace the cold and head off for a winter sports activity break at any one of Europe's myriad ski destinations. Family activity holidays in Europe during the winter months may involve taking to the slopes in Italy, Austria, Switzerland or France, while Brits looking to keep costs to a minimum can find some excellent skiing and snowboarding in the highlands of Scotland, as well as beautiful winter walks and some reasonable skiing, in the lovely Lake District.


Emily Freeman is a Scottish freelance travel writer based in Perthshire, She enjoys adventure sports and activity breaks and has been taking family activity holidays in europe since her twins Luke and Agatha were born in 2002.