Choosing the Right Accommodation for your Holiday

Holidays are really important in one's life, as they are meant to drain all the tiredness from one's body and refresh your mind and soul. Holidays need to be planned well to make them enjoyable, otherwise they can turn into nightmares. Choosing the right accommodation for your holiday is really important, and it needs to be done with due care. In the old times there were just inns and hotels with simple rooms having nothing more than a bed, sofa and a bathroom, but now there are a variety of accommodations for tourists.


Resorts are usually a holiday destination in themselves as they offer several facilities other than just accommodation. Large resorts have ski beaches, pools, sauna baths, sports complex, shopping facilities, water parks etc. Living at a resort can be a lot more expensive as compared with an individual hotel, but some resorts have separate charges for enjoying the special facilities which means that you can spend as much as you can afford. There are different kinds of resorts, and common ones include beach and ski resorts.

Beach resorts are located close to stunning warm beaches with lots of sunlight and water sports. Typical beach resorts also include a number of different dining facilities, some of which are located right on the beach such as a barbecue point or a fresh tropical juice bar, while others are large in house fancy restaurants. Such resorts also include water parks and water sports.

Ski resorts are located in cold areas usually having temperatures below 0 degree Celsius. Ski resorts have outdoor facilities such as snow mobile riding, skiing and snowboarding. These activities are pretty thrilling, but they should not be done without training. If you don't feel well in the cold then there are a number of indoor facilities in the ski resorts such as casinos, mini cinemas, restaurants, sauna baths, hot water pools and massage centres.


Hotels are usually the first choice of most tourists. Different hotels offer different facilities; five and seven star hotels may even have helipads, casinos, pools and several other facilities similar to a resort, but the basic difference between resorts and five star hotels lies in their size and construction. Resorts offer a variety of accommodations like luxury suites which are separated from one another, blocks with individual rooms, and even beach huts, but hotels only have blocks of single bed rooms, double bed rooms or suites consisting of a number of bedrooms, living room, Jacuzzi and mini bar. Charges of hotels vary a lot depending upon the facilities they offer and the quality of accommodation. You can choose a hotel by keeping your needs and budget in mind. Overspending on a hotel can be a big mistake, as you need money for other activities such as travelling, dining and shopping during your holiday.

Inns and Motels

Inns and motels are not the ideal places to stay for a long time, but if you spend more time outside while enjoying sights and sounds of the area, then you can check into an affordable inn or motel. It is better to stay in a motel rather than driving on the highway at night. These motels provide basic accommodation and dining facilities. The bars and lounges of inns have good atmosphere and one can meet new people while enjoying food and drinks.


You can choose any of the above mentioned accommodation types depending upon your needs and budget. It is wise to look for good hotel or resort deals online, and take the final decision after considering user reviews and overall reputation of the hotel, resort or inn.