Cape Town Beaches Are Stunning Wedding Venues

When you fly into Cape Town you will fly over Table Mountain and there is a chance that you will focus on small white strips of beach as well. A day later when you might be standing on the top of that mountain those thin white strips are so much closer. If you are doing nothing the next day go to one of those thin white strips. One of those strips on the Atlantic side is called Camps Bay. If you are there at lunchtime try sharing a lobster and a bottle of South Africa’s finest white. At any other time just sit and look at what is in front of you. What a great view to return to for your wedding that you have come on holiday to plan!


                       Tsogo Sun Western Cape Hotel and Camps Bay Wedding

Love again

You cannot fail to fall in love again but this time it is with a city. There are many wonderful places in the world and Cape Town compares to the best. The Rainbow Nation is exactly that; a mixture of colours and cultures and a country of rich variety. Nowhere is that more manifest than in Cape Town where you can be certain of a warm welcome on arrival at any of the luxury hotels that pride themselves on service.

You will need to spend some of your time talking about the detail of the wedding to the planners but the fact that you will have experienced the comfort of a group hotel on this trip will be reassuring come the big day. In many countries you would have to worry about the season. A European winter is exactly what the word says; winter. Cape winters are certainly cooler than the summer but this is a Mediterranean climate albeit modified by the breezes off the Oceans.

Choose the season

There are obvious cost benefits in getting married away from the high season which begins just before Christmas and ends towards Easter. There are many more good months of weather on those Western Cape beaches beyond those few months.

Once you have decided on a venue and a date there is the detail of numbers and menus. You can trust the hotels to provide excellent value for money wines from just up the road.

Tourist infrastructure

The excellent tourist infrastructure includes visits to all the area’s attractions and on this preliminary visit you may want to go up to Paarl and explore the wine centres. It is far better that you do that on a tour because you will be tasting wines during the tour and you don’t want to be driving after a tasting? The wine region is less than an hour away and you can expect excellent Cape hospitality. It is taken as read. Try the whites and reds anyway and you may come back with some ideas to talk about when planning the celebrations.

Southern Sun The Cullinan is one of a number of hotels in the same Group that can offer you whatever facilities you require. Every question will be answered promptly


The Tsogo Sun Western Cape is experienced in handling special events and has the space to do so. If you are experiencing Cape Town hospitality for the first time you will not be disappointed and neither will your family and friends come the big day.