The Algarve Stands Out for a Holiday Destination

Mass tourism to the Mediterranean dates back almost half a century with Spain initially the country that led the way. The other country that made up the Iberian Peninsula, Portugal was known as much for Eusebio and his team that made such an impact in the 1966 World Cup as anything else.

Portugal was soon to make an impact on the tourist map as the Algarve, a coastal strip of idyllic fishing villages became a place that could guarantee sunshine, had wonderful beaches and a warm, crystal blue sea.

The growth of tourism

While fishing is still important providing one of the main ingredients of the wonderful local cuisine, the economy has been transformed by the millions of visitors coming to the Algarve each year. For the Portuguese it is a journey south from centres further north such as Lisbon or Porto. For overseas visitors it is Faro International Airport which serves the whole region.

There are flights from all over Northern Europe including every UK regional airport through the summer months to cater for the demand. People move on from Faro which is not really a tourist town but they haven’t far to go whatever final destination they have selected.  The Algarve is only 100 miles from the Spanish Border in the East to the Atlantic Ocean in the West. Your hotel transfer is quick and if you prefer instead to hire a car to give you some flexibility then that is a simple process and driving in Portugal is very straightforward.

The flight is less than three hours south from most of the main population areas of Europe but it is those three hours that make the difference between an uncertain summer and clear blue skies.


Albufeira is a lively place that makes an ideal base for your Algarve holiday. It is less than 30 miles from the airport heading west. It is perhaps worth going to see the Atlantic Ocean coastline which can be somewhat fiercer than the more sheltered Mediterranean. Ask the sailors what they think and they will tell you that while the real challenge may be on the Atlantic there is plenty of wind and certainly more pleasure on the sea to the south.

Sailing is just one of the activities on offer on the waves. Surfing and paragliding, diving and snorkelling are all available for those who want to do more than just lie around, have the occasional swim and relax.

By night you can enjoy a leisurely meal and a quiet drink; Portuguese wine is excellent. If you want to continue on there are lively bars and clubs into the night with the outside temperatures still extremely pleasant.


You have to retire sometime of course because the next day is coming up to enjoy. If you have accommodation like Club Praia da Oura your comfort is assured. You just need to go online and check flight and accommodation availability before making your booking. Do it online and get a confirmation by return and you’ll soon be on your way.