5 Unknown Wonders of London

London is full of attractive places that are frequently visited by the tourists from all over the world. You have obviously seen such popular places when you have visited London. But there are many places that are very beautiful, yet little known to the tourists. Don't you want to see such unknown wonders? Yes! Here are the 5 unfamiliar, yet must see attractions of London.

Blackwall Point:

This venue was once popular for hanging the pirates, who were convicted of various crimes. This has now become the location for the sculpture of "slice of reality". This is an interesting location which is situated at the north of the Greenwich. Before, this place had water through which number of ships passed every day. Now it is converted into a habitat after draining away all the water. 

Trafalgar Square's smallest police station:

Though London boasts of various locations and architectural buildings to its credit, this less known location is an added attraction. The very small police station is located in the southeast corner of Trafalgar Square in London and is a peculiar place to visit. This station is so small that it can hardly accommodate more than two prisoners and its office was run by a single officer. The more credit to this tiny police station is added by its lighting system which follows a hollowed out pattern and makes it remain hidden from the busy street life of London. 

The single lighthouse in London:

If you were of the idea that there is no lighthouse in the city, then you are absolutely mistaken. If you have not seen any in all your trips, it does not mean that there is none. London has one lighthouse that was built between 1863 and 1866 as a test mission to guide the ships that passed through the location. Apart from being London's single Lighthouse located at Trinity Buoy Wharf, this lighthouse is loaded with music that is designed to continue even after a thousand years. This music player also known as Long player will play on until 31st Dec 2999. 

Temple of Mithras:

London is known for its vast number of museums and historical sites that might be over 200 in numbers. But do you know the temple of Mithras? This is a fantastic architectural site that was uncovered during the Roman Empire during the post war construction period in the city. Soon after the discovery of this site, the sacred temple was moved away 90 yards from the site to preserve its heritage rich collection. But this site might not find a place in secret wonders of London as the temple would be restored to the original site by 2015. If you are planning a visit before 2015, you can find its location on Walbrook Street that has many boutique hotels where you can stay and enjoy. 

Plane Trees:

London has a fair share of greenery to its credit and one park that remains hidden from all is the London plane that features a lush green corridor that stretches from Temple to Richmond. You will be amazed to know that the trees present there are about 300 years old and have a dappled trunk or unusual bark.