5 Tips to Make that Beach Holiday Special- Book Early for Cheap Flights

imagesTaking grandma and grandpa out on a beach thrill would be a fun thing to do, especially watching the veteran couple relive their honeymoon moments. However, if you don’t plan it right, things could go out of your hands, and you may end up spending a bomb for this trip. In addition to that, there would be a lot of stress and gory untoward happenings too, for example not getting a shack or a lodge as per your comforts. Today, we would like to share with you, 5 important tips to make this trip a wonderful one. Hence, please read on and be well-informed for the same.

No peak hours or travel dates

Whatever you do, do not book yourself and your grandparents while the peak hours or dates ring. It would not only be costly to do so, the rush can be intimidating and since grandparents need more time to move around physically, you may end up missing a thing or two, a flight for that matter. Avoid a Wednesday and return on a Friday, what we would say. Try early morning or late night flights, off peak travel are cheaper and wouldn’t make you run around scrambling for time and resources. Holidays and weekends should be OUT OF YOUR MIND!!

Plan and book in advance

If you haven’t made your booking yet, check online with at least four to five service providers and compare the schedules, costs and services they provide. As peak travel dates, national holidays and weekends approach, the fares go higher. As mentioned, avoid peak travel dates and holidays, but if you have to travel at such times, book early for cheap air fares and discounts. Be a little flexible with your dates and flight timings too and if possible catch hopping flights, they come cheap.

Compare costs

Shopping around for the best travel packages should be on your mind. There are many travel agents, websites, blogs and forums to guide you and prepare you. Comparison shopping, especially during peak travel dates should be your mantra. It’s not only about the money you save, but also as mentioned, the time and energy that you save travelling off peak.

Leave with time in hand

If you have a flight to catch at 5 in the morning and you stay an hour from the airport, leave home at least two hours ahead of the flight check-in time. This is important to avoid the rush and traffic, especially en route the airport. When you reach early, you can get the security check-in done and relax with a coffee too. Read and book and ease your mind, waiting for the flight announcement to be made.

Travel light

Be wise and don’t travel with the whole world in your hands, travel light. Ensure you have your grandparents medication packed, their other needs and yours too. Check how much baggage allowance is allowed on the flights, and also check with the accommodation at the destination. The latter’s space would tell you how much luggage you can bring in, and yet have enough room to move around.

This is your one chance to offer gratitude to grandma and grandpa, for everything they have done for you so far. And you wouldn’t want to make anything come in the way of making this beach trip a successful one. Hence, plan and research, speak to experts online and make this beach trip a fantabulous one.

Author Bio

Will Grace loves to help veterans with his wise words on how to make beach trips, flight bookings and accommodation searches easy on the pocket. It would be wise to read more about the one mile beach ravings across the Internet from many social bloggers such as him. The summers are here and the waves are lashing, take the two most lovable people on a journey they wont forget.