Turtle Power

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This is Really Funny .

On Wednesday June 29th I was waiting at Dulles Airport (IAD) to receive a friend who was Flying From JFK Airport in Newyork to spend few days with us in washington DC.

The Flight was scheduled to arrive at 10 AM yet there was a delay for around three hours.

I never came to know the reason and I met up with my Friend who was hysterically laughing when I asked him about cause of delay . His answer was quite surpurising, it was due to Mating Turtles!!.

Actually CNN put it on that afternoon  and apparantly the culprit was around 150 turtles crossed over an active runway and disrupted air traffic so that they could continue their nature call for the mating season.

Apparently the U.S. Department of Agriculture was called for help!

The funniest thing is reading tweets about this , here are some:, @JFKTurtles had almost 3,000 followers on Twitter, even from airline accounts like Jet Blue who had this to say:

"Oh @JFKTurtles, we could never stay mad at you ... Glad you made it to your honey moon spot safe."

This is not the first time turtles have invaded the runways at JFK, but apparently this year it was much more