Cholera Outbreak in Cuba

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Between late July and August 2013, 12 cases of cholera associated with a history of travel to Cuba were confirmed, as follow:  Italy: 3 confirmed casesVenezuela: 2 confirmed casesChile: 2 confirmed casesGermany: 2 confirmed casesNetherlands: 1 confirmed caseSpain: 2 confirmed cases  These cases included 8 men and 4 women with an age range of 30-74 years (median age of 53).  The Institute of Tropical Medicine "Pedro Kouri" confirmed the detection of V. cholerae Ogawa serogroup O1 in all of the cases. They have all since recovered and no deaths have been recorded.  Per the information received, Cuba continues to develop and implement cholera prevention and control plans, to strengthen awareness of preventive measures by the public, to control food preparations sites, and carry out epidemiological surveillance of acute diarrheal diseases. 


Public health awareness campaigns were intensified during the summer season; particularly those related to hand washing, chlorinated water intake, safe food preparation, washing of fruits and vegetables, and choose processed foods.