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Blogger, Freelancer, traveler
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Davis Miller

Davis Miller is a freelance writer and blogger who loves travelling, gardening, cooking and
blogging. He is also a gadget freak and is always updated with latest technology.

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The Himalayan chain is home to the world’s highest and most impressive mountain peak, The Everest. Its plateau begins in Pakistan and it stretches all the way to beautiful India, Bhutan, and beautiful Nepal until it reaches China on the east. The landscape from the top is majestic; packed with surreal glaciers, deep valleys and hidden lakes, Himalaya is a dreamlike destination for avid trekkers.


If you're looking for a different type of vacation, think about cruising the Baltic Sea in the summer. This vacation combines the ease of a cruise, while visiting exotic European ports that most people never see. It makes a nice change from the more common Caribbean cruise, and takes you to some wonderful places full of cultural treasures.

Throughout the summer season, the Baltic nights are resumed to a couple of twilight hours....


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