Halloween at Europa Park

If you are visiting Baden-Baden or the Black Forest region you should save a day to experience some thrills and spills at what many consider to be Europe’s finest theme park. Europa Park is an easy drive just a few kilometres down the A5 from Baden-Baden and is situated a couple of minutes from the autobahn next to the village of Rust. There is literally something for everyone to enjoy at this exceptional park so don’t worry if you suffer from vertigo or are just plain scared of roller coasters as there are many more peaceful attractions to enjoy! The site is fully open from late March until early November but the Fall is a great time to visit as the summer crowds have left and the park comes alive with a sea of pumpkins and some very creepy characters!

The Landscape

Europa Park is a celebration of Europe and is divided into areas themed for different countries. Well signed routes take you through a Swiss village, around French ornamental fountains, past Greek architecture and along Icelandic fjords. The whole park is beautifully landscaped with a stunning lake at its heart and plenty of gardens and wooded areas for a peaceful walk if you want to escape the general clamour and the excitement of the many rides. There are many fine shops, restaurants and cafes to enjoy and the standard of the food is exceptional. For a unique experience try the Food Loop restaurant where your meal is delivered by rollercoasters, one with a loop the loop!

The Rides

By anyone’s standards Europa Park has a fabulous selection of thrill rides for the intrepid guest to experience. The latest addition is Wodan, an amazing wooden coaster themed for the Viking gods which dominates the skyline in the Icelandic area of the park. The enormous construction was completed in an amazingly short time and so they certainly didn't do that with a saw and some hand drills! This ride is a fast and furious journey with steep hills, sharp bends and the excitement of flying through two other adjacent rides. Next door you will find Blue Fire a launch coaster which propels you from the station into a mass of twists and inversions around a rocky landscape. In the German section of the park you will find Silver Star which was for many years the tallest coaster in Europe. This steel giant gives you plenty of air time as it plunges you through a series of sharp drops over the car park. Thrill seekers will also love the space themed coaster in the dark, Euro Sat and the rotating coaster Euro Mir which offers a few surprises en route.

For a slightly less hair-raising experience try the bobsleigh ride, the Matterhorn Blitz (a wild mouse with the world’s most original lift hill) and the Pegasus junior coaster. If you don’t mind getting a bit wet then the water rides are terrific. There are the theme park staples of the log flume and river rapids but the star of the water show is Poseidon, a brilliantly themed boat ride in the Greek area which turns into a coaster and then back to a boat ride with a final plunge into the lagoon. The main park also features several gentle rides for children and the elderly and has a separate area for kids behind the lake.

Other Attractions

Beyond the rides there are still many attractions to enjoy. Take a spin in the revolving viewing tower for a great view of the park and the Black Forest beyond and watch a 4D movie in the comfortable cinema. There are several excellent shows at advertised times around the park and a daily parade featuring the park mascot Euromaus. You can meet Euromaus and some beautiful princesses near the entrance and watch a jazz band play on stage in the French district. If that is not enough take a stroll around the lake, through the woods or around the ornamental gardens which feature dancing fountains, statues and beautiful planting.

Fall Attractions

From late September the park is transformed by the addition of thousands of pumpkins for the build-up to Halloween. There is orange everywhere as you walk around and on selected nights some rather unpleasant creatures populate the park to add a creepy atmosphere to your visit. There is a whole month of special celebrations to mark the Harvest and Halloween and the park takes on an altogether different character as the light begins to fade at the end of the day.

A Park for All Seasons

There isn’t a bad time to visit Europa Park as there is plenty to enjoy all year round but the Fall brings with it some unique features and a special atmosphere that it would be a shame to miss. After all the fun and thrills of the day you can relax in one of the excellent hotel restaurants on site and maybe ponder when you might visit again.