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How to Completely Relax in Your Hotel Room

There are many good reasons that you might book a hotel or inn to stay in, and these can range from needing a place to crash when you're on a business trip or holiday, to having to stay somewhere while your home is renovated. Thinking about hotel rooms only in that light though means looking at them from a solely practical perspective which is actually a very limiting way to look at them. The point is that the experience of staying in a hotel is actually highly pleasant and enjoyable a great time in its own right - sometimes it's worth just staying in a hotel for the sake of it.

Seven Sins Of International Travel Safety

Travel is never going to be completely risk free. When you throw on a backpack and venture into the great unknown, the odds of you winding up robbed or worse are always going to increase. How much those odds increase however all depends upon how you act.

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