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A Day Trip to Hvar

For someone who has never had much interest in a beach vacation, the Croatian coast was probably a strange choice of destination for me this year but there was method in my madness. I have long been a fan of neighbouring Slovenia and decided that it was time to venture further south. In any case my international trips had a tendency to be rather exhausting, being largely taken up with hiking and adventure sports and I thought it was time to slow down and relax.


Tackling Trails with the Right Footwear

There is nothing I like better than exploring national parks and Alpine terrain on foot. The designated trails lead you through spectacular scenery and throw up new spectacular vistas and wonderful surprises around every corner. Most regions offer a variety of trails to suit all fitness levels but even the simplest trail can be a real workout for your feet.


Walking Boots

Easy Walks In Yosemite National Park

Many visitors to Yosemite do not venture beyond the valley floor which is a great shame because the most spectacular sights in the park and much of the wonderful wildlife can be experienced only by walking one of the splendid trails on offer.

Hiking The Mostnica Gorge In Slovenia

Slovenia is a small country that nonetheless really packs a punch. One of the star attractions is the area around Lake Bohinj which offers copious hiking opportunities ranging from an easy circuit around the lake itself to steep climbs into the Julian Alps. If you are looking for a moderate walk with plenty of variety and surprises then you could do a lot worse than heading for the Mostnica Gorge.


Starting Out

Vacation Disatser

In common with most travel enthusiasts I spend much of the year thinking about and planning my future adventures. As soon as one trip is over it is time to start refining the details of the next vacation and before long I will get itchy feet and start dreaming of being on that plane. Most of my adventures happily live up to my expectations but there is always the prospect of disaster lurking in the background and my latest foray was the perfect example of how even the best laid plans can go horribly wrong.


Dog Sledding in Juneau

Dog Sledding in Juneau

Prospecting For Gold In California

I have always had an interest in rocks, gemstones and precious metals and have spent many happy hours collecting crystals on mountainsides, marvelling at amazing rock formations and wading about in rivers looking for whatever interesting treasures I could uncover. On finding myself in Gold Country, California I was desperate to try my hand at prospecting for gold and was delighted to find that there some fantastic people in Jamestown who could help me do it.

Into The Mouth of a Volcano

Mount Vesuvius forms an awesome backdrop to the Bay of Naples in Italy. Rising 1281 metres (4203 ft) above the bay area, the mountain dominates the landscape and is a breath taking but somewhat sinister sight because this mountain is an active volcano overshadowing a densely populated region and the implications of another dramatic eruption are all too clear. Vesuvius is best known for the AD79 eruption which buried the city of Pompeii under a mountain of ash and pumice deposited by an enormous pyroclastic flow.

A Spectacular Day in the Crescent Meadow

A Surprising Hike in Slovenia

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