Your Ticket to a Special Destination Wedding: Ten Planning Tips

Planning a destination wedding is one way to ensure that your special day will be completely unforgettable, either because of the picturesque locale that will serve as a backdrop for the happy couple’s vows or because of the local catering, which will make everyone feel ill. Make sure guests remember your wedding for all the right reasons by following these tips as you make your plans.

Choose Wisely

Choose a destination that suits you and your guests. If your groom suffers fall allergies, don’t book an outdoor autumn ceremony in the mountains. If nobody in your family skis, the Alps won’t be any fun.

Plan Ahead

Enjoy a long engagement; you’re going to need time to make travel arrangements, comply with international wedding laws, and renew expired passports before the wedding.


Research weather patterns at your destination and avoid booking during hurricane season or winter storms. Be sure your venue has a plan to accommodate your event in case of inclement weather.

Know the Law

Carefully research foreign marriage licensing requirements to be sure your marriage will be legal when you return home.

Save Money

Travel arrangements are expensive, so find other ways to save money. If your wedding will be on the beach, forget designer shoes and go barefoot. Host a brunch or luncheon reception instead of dinner, or offer just wine and beer instead of an open bar.

Use a Local Consultant

Employ a reputable local wedding consultant as you plan to avoid language barriers and scam artists who prey on foreigners. Back home, you can just Google “wedding band Long Island” and find lots of options; abroad that may not be the case. A local professional will know how to connect you with the area’s best vendors.

Be Good Hosts

Your guests will have traveled a long way to be there for you on your big day. Welcome them with gift bags in their hotel rooms or invite them all to be part of your rehearsal dinner. Provide as much information as possible about travel arrangements and room rates with your invitations, and give everyone who might attend plenty of time to plan.


Many couples like the idea of combining their wedding and honeymoon into one trip by staying on at their destination after the wedding. Just don’t be surprised if you see some familiar faces around the resort while you’re honeymooning; many of your guests might have the same bright idea.

Explore Local Customs

Investigate local customs at your preferred destination and consider incorporating some of them into your own wedding ceremony to make it extra-memorable.

Keep a Vacation Mentality

Even though it’s your wedding day, you’re technically also on vacation. Carry that easy-going vacation mindset with you as you prepare to walk down the aisle. If your something blue was lost in transit or your exotic flowers make the guests’ eyes water, find a way to shrug it off and enjoy your special day.

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Chossing a wedding

Chossing a wedding destination is as hectic task as planning a traditional wedding.Thanks for these tips.