Your First Trip to Hawaii

I will always remember the first time I stepped off a plane at Honolulu International Airport in Hawaii. I felt a lot like Dorothy when she opens the door of her house in Oz; I had just stepped into a new, Technicolor universe. Everything seemed magnified and intensified. The grass and bushes were truly green! And the flowers were gigantic and pink, red and yellow! Every color, everywhere, was simply more than it was back in my hometown. Even the air felt different; it was rich and dense, and smelled like flowers.  I seriously felt like I had entered paradise.

Your first trip to Hawaii will likely be an unforgettable experience and the adventures you will find will live on in your memory for years. Whatever you choose to do, of the many exciting attractions that Hawaii has on offer, will surely imprint in your brain, as if it was tattooed.

The most important thing to do, which you cannot do anywhere else on Earth, is to visit an actual, continuously active volcano. Kilauea, on the big island of Hawaii, has been erupting since 1983. Hawaiian volcanoes are called “shield” volcanoes; they are gently rounded and spreading as opposed to steep and mountainous, so they are quite accessible. You can’t get close to the moving lava, however, because the actual physical heat of the molten rock prevents you from approaching. It is a truly humbling experience, to witness the somewhat cooled lava and know the power of the fire that melted rock.

Another “must” while in Hawaii: you MUST attend a luau.  Yes, they have been modernized and modified for tourists, but the intent remains the same. A true feast, featuring roasted pig and wonderful dishes of fruits and vegetables, anchors the event. Be sure to try the poi, but expect not to like it. It is a strange brownish-purple color and tastes exactly like you would image wallpaper paste would. The entertainment for the evening will usually be composed of hula dances; however civilized they may have become; the songs and dances still preserve the legends and traditions of the native people. If you are lucky, there may also be Samoan fire dancers as well, to astound you with their fearlessness.

I’m not going to elaborate about the beaches:  everyone knows that Hawaii has amazingly beautiful beaches, with tons of opportunities for surfing, snorkeling, swimming and other assorted beach-y activities. If you want to lie around and relax, there are plenty of spots for that as well. Just be sure to use a good sunscreen!

However, don’t spend all your time on the beach. Head inland, where you can catch a guided tour, or make your own way via auto or bicycle. There are dense, wonderful rainforests and stunning waterfalls beyond belief (again, I had that “I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore” feeling). Exotic animals and birds are everywhere.  Really, everything was just so much different and so much more than back home; it was like a whole new planet had been crammed into this tiny set of islands.

Your first trip to Hawaii will not be your last, I guarantee it.

If you’re intent on a trip there in the near future, you can check out this article on all the various activities you can do while vacationing in Hawaii.


Hawaii is awesome

We were left with a jaw-dropping effect during our first visit to Hawaii...

Hawaii is one of the most

Hawaii is one of the most beautiful places in the world, there is no doubt about it.

If I have to recommend someone 10 places to go on a vacation, Hawaii will be right up there.