World’s Craziest Restaurants

It’s no longer enough of a treat to go out for dinner these days. For those who like to eat out on a regular basis, visiting restaurants is an experience and visiting some of the world’s craziest restaurant is an event. Entrepreneurs from all over the world have been coming up with ideas to entice rich diners to their restaurants and having a unique idea and experience to offer is essential to put them on the map and garner interest.

Below are five of the world’s craziest restaurants in existence. Each one provides a completely different dining experience so if you look for a little something more than the average three-course meal, one of these establishments might tempt you.

Dining in the Dark

In America, a string of Opaque restaurants in different cities offers a sense heightened dining experience. When one or more of our senses are not in play, the others, taste for example, are heightened.

Dining in the dark can be a positively enjoyable experience, or a somewhat questionable one. When potential diners arrive, they choose their order and check their things in a brightly lit entrance area.

Once the food has been ordered and belongings checked (no mobile phones are allowed in the dining area) diners are led into a pitch dark room. They are then served by blind or partially sighted waiters and waitresses. Eating in the dark like this not only allows your sense of taste to be heightened, but also your perception of the food not to be influenced by what it looks like.

Dinner in Prison

If you fancy eating your dinner in a prison cell, the Alcatraz ER in the Japanese city of Tokyo may be just what you are looking for. Diners are welcomed into a frightingnenly well designed prison hospital and then handcuffed. After being handcuffed you are led into a prison cell. Diners are served with food that is labelled in diabolical terms, for example, human intestines.

For people living in or near Massachusetts in the U.S., the prison restaurant is located in one of America’s oldest working prisons (closed in 1991). Diners are surrounded by cages and bare brick walls but can choose from an upscale menu.

Underwater Dining

If you are visit the Maldives and enjoy crazy restaurants then the outpost of Conrad’s Maldives Rangali island is located sixteen feet under the sea. Diners are surrounded by sharks, fish and other underwater life on all sides while they indulge themselves from a European menu.

Toilet Dining

Visitors to Kaohsiung in Taiwan might want to visit the Marton Theme restaurant (the Chinese word for toilet) where diners are seated on lidded toilets around a glass covered bath table. Food is served in toilet shaped dishes and there are neon lit lamps made from taps and urinals that decorate the walls. Toilet dining is not just for people looking for a crazy restaurant experience. The food is quite cheap and a three course meal is around 150-250 Taiwan dollars or 6 to 10 US dollars

Female Body Plate

The Nyotaimor restaurant (translation female body plate) in Japan is extremely popular. The body, made from food, is designed to look like a naked female and is served on an operating table. Diners operate or cut open the body and eat, the food is mostly sushi or sashimi and the body, ‘bleeds’ when diners cut into it.

Author bio: Amy loves both travel and food. She enjoys eating out often and believes that a good or unique restaurant is even worth the trip to another country. She works with The Restaurant Choice The Restaurant Choice , a UK company which sells dining out vouchers.