Will American Airlines Survive? We think it will !

We do not think the Anticipated Merger between British Airways Holding company and that of American Airlines Holding company to happen in the foreseeable future, now with American Airlines finances are in the red and it’s filing for Bankruptcy protection. However for most of the 240,000 passengers who fly American Airlines each day, the airline's bankruptcy filing should have almost no effect.

American promised to continue to operate flights, honor tickets and take reservations. It says its frequent-flier program will be unaffected.

Some travelers may eventually see fewer American flights at their airport.
The real risk to American's passengers is if the company’s restructuring fails, the airline would ultimately liquidate and ceases to fly. Even then, many travelers are protected if they bought tickets with a credit card.

For the American consumer it seems like Dejavu Delta, United, Continental and US Airways have all gone through Chapter 11. But  Travelers continued to book tickets. Planes still took off and landed and frequent flier miles were still earned and redeemed. In fact, the bankruptcy process is usually more taxing on the airline's shareholders, who tend to get wiped out. Or on workers, who can lose pay and benefits, and even their job. The Chapter 11 filing is likely to dampen the spirits of flights attendants and pilots as their fears about salary, benefits and pension cuts become more urgent.

Some American travelers were also nervous on hearing the news but it is envisaged that this Bankruptcy filing will help American keep from going under.