Why You Need To Experience A Narrow Boat Holiday

For many people, taking a holiday is the biggest highlight of their year. Money is saved for months and countless hours of planning are put into the process. In actuality, taking a memorable and relaxing holiday can be a lot easier than most people realize. Narrow boat holidays are a great break from the typical trip and provide a number of benefits over traditional holiday options. If you’re looking for a different type of holiday that allows you to take a load off and sit back admiring the scenery, here are four reasons why you should consider traveling on a narrow boat.

1. To Experience Much More While Traveling

Flying or taking a train from one place to another is an efficient way of traveling about, but in exchange you lose some of the true experiences of traveling. Getting to where you’re headed is the real journey, and the final destination is simply an added bonus. Narrow boats can be used to travel all throughout the country along canals that connect countless cities both large and small. Changing your plans or spending more time than planned for in one place is easy thanks to the freedom from rigid travel plans that a narrow boat provides.

2. Narrow Boats Are A Great Way To Get Rid Of Stress

For the times when it seems like life is moving along too fast and that you never have free time to relax, narrow boats make the best holiday plans. Spending your time on a narrow boat is nothing but xing. With speed limits set and enforced at four miles per hour, you shouldn’t plan on getting anywhere too quickly. Sometimes though, being able to sit back, moving slowly with nowhere to go while you take in the beautiful countryside is the perfect way to get rid of some stress.

3. You Get To Spend More Quality Time With Family

Too often, even on holiday, it is difficult to get the entire family together for good, quality time spent with one another. While relaxing on your holiday on a narrow boat, you have all day to spend with the people that you care about. Focusing your holiday on a relaxed time together rather than an attempt to pack in as many activities as possible into the shortest time is a great way to bring your loved ones together while you transit from town to town.

4. They’re Affordable Compared To Many Other Holiday Options

Most people are surprised to find out how little a narrow boat holiday costs compared to a normal getaway to a sunny beach like Tenerife or metropolitan city like London. Renting a narrow boat is quite cost effective and removes the need for nightly accommodations and the costs of traveling from one place to the next. Instead of spending money at a normal holiday destination, the time spent on a narrow boat is more focused on doing and spending little.

Narrow boats are a relaxing and affordable way to spend your holiday. Not only can they get you further away from the worries and stress of everyday life, but they can also work to bring family members and friends closer together. Traveling through the country’s canals provides an experience vastly different from more traditional modes of transportation. In the end, narrow boat holidays are often some of the most memorable and enjoyable options out there.

Tim Baker loves traveling and writing about his experiences on travel blogs. Tim is passionate about seeing and exploring the country’s canals by narrow boat. You can take a look at current narrow boat yachting news by OnboardOnline to learn more.