Why Cyprus Is A Pinpoint Destination For Travelers?

Cyprus, an appealing destination that fulfills the desire of every individual traveler with its sea, sun, tradition… and the list goes on. This jewel has evolved over a last decade into a traveler’s hotspot especially for investors, holiday-makers and the people who are in search of more desirable and adventurous life. Even though having western influences on it, has always remained strong with its culture and family ties. Although it is relatively smaller in size, it attracts major tourists by its laid back, family oriented and safer way of living. Apart from the traditional way of living, it’s another attraction is that it has no language barrier. The years of British involvement and their wide influences could be easily speculated due to widely spoken English language throughout the island. Below mentioned points would define the reasons behind Cyprus popularity:

  • Hospitality of Cypriot: You could always observe a friendly smile on the faces of Cypriot. They all have a warm and loving nature that impresses the visitors every time they visit.
  • Mouthwatering delicacies: The cuisine and sea food created by a unique blend of African, Greek and Middle Eastern dishes create savory dishes.
  • Beaches: No holiday would be complete if you haven’t enjoyed the combination of golden sands and turquoise water at the beaches.
  • Rich past: Being the oldest region in Europe, i.e. it has around 10000 years of contrasting civilizations; travelers could easily find the existence in the form of traditions, museum and handicrafts that captures the Larnaca past.
  • Traditions: As it has several festivals and celebrations round the year, it would let the visitor know its tradition and its culture at ease.
  • Local specialty: The local specialty of Cyprus is delicious homemade sweet to fine wines. It is home to Commandaria, the oldest wine of the world.
  • Dazzling scenery: Whether you prefer to view the verdant mountainous region from Mount Olympus or the sunset over the turquoise Mediterranean, the profound attractiveness would never cease to astonish visitors.
  • Inexpensive: There are numerous flight options, well priced larnaca airport taxi transfers; accommodation makes Cyprus a good choice even in your tight budget.
  • The Night Life: Cyprus is a place where the night never sleeps and could let you have a relaxed, energetic or a romantic night. There are world class seafront nightclubs that offer meals in the candlelight; the entertainment is tremendously versatile as it caters varied tastes and ages.
  • Diving: Cyprus is well known for the diving enthusiasts who hunt various diving sites. Zenobia is the most impressive shipwreck that lies off the coast of Larnaca. This ferry got sunk in 1980 but you could still find the remnants in the form of vehicles clinging on the rusted chains. If you are an intermediate or advanced diver you could easily look at the fascinating and accessible shipwrecks under the sea.
  • Golf: It is a golfer’s paradise because of the sunshine that is present 300 days over a year. Currently it is the home of championship standard, four 18 hole and golf courses.
  • Location: Due to the main airport the travel has been quick and effortless. This entry point makes the coastal regions perfect for holidays, breaks and business stop-overs.

In the end, the travel bugs could get relaxed on this great history of town and sandy beaches as every corner could be easily accessed from others.

Author Bio: Ryan Holman, a travel journalist and globetrotter, assists the local tourist board is keen to share the moment of paradise in this blog. According to him larnaca airport taxi transfers caters the best possible service to the travelers by assisting them at each point of their travel.