Where Are Asia's Greatest Travel Destinations?

One of the most appealing aspects of travelling to Asia is the huge range of variety that many of the destinations around the continent afford to tourists.  Whether it is travelling around modern, technology driven cities, holidaying in tourist hotspots or hiking through foothills, whatever you want to experience in a holiday, you can find it in Asia.

We looked at some of the best travel ideas for when you head to the continent, so that you can build an idea of what to expect.

Sunshine in Goa

The Indian resort of Goa is a hugely popular destination for both couples and families from around the world who are looking to combine a culture discovery experience with stunning beaches and scenery.

Those who work and live around the resort are among the most hospitable you could ever care to meet, and as well as having a magical holiday, you are certain to make new friends for life here, too.

Take in a City

Some of the world’s most modern and awe-inspiring cities are to be found across Asia, whether it is the Middle Eastern emirates of Dubai and Abu Dhabi or the economic powerhouses of Beijing and Tokyo, all have that ‘X-factor’ that makes us want to visit them.

If we had to choose one, we’d be inclined to head to the Far East and take in the Japanese capital. The reason behind this is simple: it is so much more than the concrete jungle that many modern cities ultimately become. Of course, there are skyscrapers galore, but there is also stunning woodlands and parks where you can take a leisurely stroll.

Visit Tokyo during August, when the annual fireworks festival means that there is a month of almost non-stop street carnivals and celebrations.

Trekking Round the South East

For backpackers who don’t want to be tied to one location, then South East Asia is definitely where it’s at. Whether you wish to explore the coast of Vietnam or take in the architecture and forests of Burma and Cambodia, there are fewer backpacking experiences like this anywhere in the world.

This is a great experience to share with friends, but also one that will hold a special place in your heart if you travel alone.

The Great Wall

There are many stunning travel destinations throughout China, but perhaps none of them are as amazing as the Great Wall. You would need to dedicate your lifetime to see all of it, however, so choose a section near to a favoured city destination so that you can travel to the Great Wall quickly and easily.

Stuart is an avid traveller and loves to write articles about his journeys across the world, from the outback of Australia to the New Year fireworks of New York City.


it's more fun in the Philippines

it's the Philippines for Asia's best travel destination. i mean it's now one of the center of media international focus knowing the Scarborough Shoal being contested by China also. in addition, theirs a big possibility that the next Pope comes from the Philippines too. then theirs the stranded US Navy ship in the Tubbataha Reef which is UNESCO declared as heritage site. and now recently the standoff between the Malaysian forces which are hunting down members of the royal families. all of these plus the coming of May Polls makes it the best destinations in Asia.

I agree with leytzzimmer

I agree with leytzzimmer that Philippines is one of the best tourist destination to visit through philippine airlines flight, since the place have a variety of tourist spots to stay.