When the Royal Nizams meet the Majestic Mughals

Hyderabad, which is about 500 years old, is the state capital city of Andhra Pradesh. The city is located on the majestic Deccan Plateau. It has an average altitude of 500 m above the sea level. Most part of the city has rocky terrain.

Often called the city of Nizams, Hyderabad was built on the southern banks of the river Musi. Today this part of the region is called as the historical Old City. The historically rich Old City preserves the landmarks of Hyderabad namely Charminar and the Mecca Masjid. The rapid development of the city, along with the development of the adjoining city of Secunderabad has gradually resulted in the formation of a huge metropolitan region.

With a gamut of software companies, call centers, and BPO companies being set up, Hyderabad has become one of the major areas for information technology and IT-enabled service set-ups.  Once, the capital of wealthy Nizams, Hyderabad has lot to offer to its visitors.

Renowned as the capital of the legendary Pandavas, Delhi on the other hand boasts of an awe-inspiring history and cultural heritage. This country capital is the soul of India. Being a cosmopolitan city, Delhi reflects the essence of a culturally rich country. Its high populace endows it with diverse culture of that has gained accolade for being a capital with a difference.

Delhi also represents the face of contemporary Indian society, where the rich past is intertwined to the fervent thoughts of modernism. It is an authentic hub of varied cultural rudiments that has been inculcated into the everyday life of the city. The city is blessed with archaeological bulwarks of ancient and medieval India and presents a true face of the struggling and winning capital of the country.

The elegantly designed buildings in the city reveal the architectural brilliance of the British and the Mughal architects.  There attributes to the magnificence of this cosmopolitan city is worth appreciating. Among several marvels of architecture, the Rashtrapathi Bhavan, located in the Raisina Hills and the accompanying Mughal Garden is the exemplary example. Delhi is the hub of many outlets of the industrial icons. Modern day Delhi is a perfect blend of culture, tradition, power and politics. Once, the active seat of the Mughals, Delhi has preserved the fragrance of grandeur, royalty and majesty along with contemporary sophistication, hospitality and brilliance.

The two eminent cities of Hyderabad and Delhi are connected efficiently to each other by rail, road and air. Trains are more frequent and large in number; however air travel remains the best method to commute between the two cities. The two cities, share the choice of elegance and the struggle to preserve the past at its best. Hyderabad to Delhi flights are available in large number. There are around 140 weekly Hyderabad to Delhi flights. The first flight is at 6:10 AM, which is IndiGo airline 308and the last flight departs at 8:55 PM, which is Air India 127. SpiceJet, Jet Airways, GoAir and Jet Konnect are few domestic airlines that offer cheap Hyderabad to Delhi flight tickets.

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