What is special about Brooklyn Bridge?

Brooklyn Bridge is the most famous bridge in New York City. It was the first suspension bridge when it was built in 1883. It is the famous bridge for the protests and marches on different occasions. It was the first bridge that connects the Manhattan to the main land. I am going to share some interesting facts and features of Brooklyn Bridge.


  • The idea of building this bridge was given by the germen immigrant who worked for the Persian government as a road and bridge builder. The idea came to his mind when he was driving across the river and his car stuck in the ice.
  • The construction begins in 1869 and was completed after 14 years.
  • The designer of the bridge was john Roebling who died before the completion of his design.
  • When it was built many new Yorkers didn’t believe that it is safe so to convince them, P.T. Barnum led a herd of 21 elephants and other circus animals to cross the bridge.

The bridge:

It is the masterpiece of engineering of 19th century having following astonishing features. Masonry towers: The most interesting features of the bridge are its two masonry towers. There are large cables attached to these towers. The tower has gothic arches which are 84 meters in height.

Main span of the bridge:

The bridge has the main span of 486.3 meters over the east river.

Construction material:

The main materials use in the construction was granite, Rosendale cement and limestone with gothic architecture.

Wide pedestrian walk way:

The bridge has beautiful and wide pedestrian walkway accommodating the pedestrians, cyclists and tourists. Bridge as social activity spot: The wide pedestrian walkway is the hot spot for the social activity in the New York. The fundraisers, awareness marches, protests and all other marches are done on this walk way. Thus the Brooklyn Bridge becomes the center of social activities of the city.

Photogenic character of the bridge:

The Brooklyn Bridge is no doubt a good spot for taking photos. It is itself a photogenic structure. Take beautiful photos of such unique architecture and convert them into canvas prints to enrich your living room. You can take beautiful and exclusive photos of the marches here either by school teachers or traders.

Connecting the civic centers:

The Brooklyn Bridge serves as the connection between civic centers of Brooklyn and Manhattan. It allows the people of these two cities to come close to each other and increase the social, political and business connections.

The Brooklyn Bridge is not only the connection point but it is also the place where you can say what you want to say. It is considered to be the point of progressive activism for the people. For the protests or marches you need to get permit from the NY city police and then go on to say what are your demands and what you want from the authorities