Volunteer, Travel and Teach English in Georgia

Volunteer, travel and teach English in Georgia


Travelling is something most of us dream of, but many of us don’t do properly in our lifetimes.  The unfamiliarity and excitement of a new country, new people and sights unlike anything you’ve ever seen before is a must for everyone, in my opinion – and there is a great way that people can become fully immersed in a foreign culture and live a completely different lifestyle to what they are used to whilst having what can only be described as the time of their life.

One place that is reasonably undiscovered in terms of travel is Georgia, where Europe meets Asia in an eclectic mix of cultural influences. There are huge opportunities for travel and volunteering as a TEFL (teaching English as a foreign language) teacher there, and it’s an opportunity open to anyone who can speak English. With stunning scenery, towns and cities and some of the most proud and hospitable locals you’ll ever meet; living, travelling and working in Georgia is a real treat.

The country boasts a rich history, and there are countless outdoor adventures for thrill seekers to embark on. From visiting huge glaciers to hill-walking and trekking amongst the daunting Caucasus Mountains, to snowboarding, skiing, and even heli-skiing on the snowy peaks! For more the tamer of adventurers, there are countless leisurely boat trips available and you can easily wander aimlessly around national parks. Georgia is a truly beautiful country, scattered (amongst breath-taking views) with watchtowers, castles and churches. It’s a dream location for anyone who wants to try something a little different in terms of travel and throw themselves into the unknown.

TEFL employment packages, mostly as a volunteer you’ll find, will often include airfares and provide accommodation, as well as many other great extras and free language lessons to help you ease in to life in Georgia. Short and long term contracts are available throughout the country, so it can fit into almost anyone’s travel schedule or can be done for a short stint over summer break.  No teaching experience is necessary to do this, nor do you need a degree; all you need is to complete a TEFL course. Rewarding, exciting, at times unfamiliar but always enjoyable; TEFL is the experience of a lifetime.

For information about where else you can go to teach English, visit: http://teflengland.co.uk/tefl-jobs.asp. Or for information on the various courses available go to: http://teflengland.co.uk/course-options.asp.


Travel and working, nice!

That is a great idea from the author of this article. Never knew that such opportunities are available at Georgia. I am sure it is a bliss for native English-speaking travelers.