Visiting the world’s most photographed beaches

When we’re choosing where to go on our next vacation, it’s little wonder we’re swayed by the stunning images on travel websites, blogs and brochures. But just what are the world’s most photographed beaches like in real life? We visit 5 of them:

1.Olu Deniz (Turkey):

 The resort where we’re staying, has views down to the stunning sweep of sand and shingle at Olu Deniz in Turkey and a courtesy bus to drop you off. It’s a striking lagoon with translucent turquoise waters. It does cost you to get onto the beach though – when we visited, it was 6 Turkish lira (about $3), and if you want a sunbed, that’s an extra 21 lira. While in the brochures, it looks like fine sand, the beach is quite shingly, so bring surf shoes. Bring your snorkel too – there are plenty of little fish in the warm water here.

2.Turtle Beach (Turkey):

Also known as Iztuzu, Turtle Beach, is just along the coast from Olu Deniz. It’s famous as one of the breeding grounds of the Caretta Caretta, or loggerhead turtle. If you want to see baby turtles hatching and making their way down to the sea, then it’s best to hire a local guide and visit at night (you’ll view the turtles through an infrared camera) or just as the dawn is rising. If you don’t fancy the late, or early, start, there is a turtle sanctuary at one end of the beach where you can see the little ones who are injured, or who just didn’t make it down to the sea in the safety of darkness.

3. Navagio (Zante):

Called shipwreck beach by locals and tourists alike – for obvious reasons – this bay in Zante can only be visited by boat, because its sheer cliff faces make it impossible to climb down on foot. The sea is a spectacular shade of turquoise and the ship itself is a breathtaking site, wedged deep in the sand in the middle of the beach. The story goes that smugglers ran aground during a pursuit by the Greek Navy in the 1980s. There are no facilities here though, and little shade if you visit when the sun is directly overhead, so bring plenty of sunscreen and water.

4. Anse Source d’Argent (Seychelles):

Noteworthy for its sands which are an unusual shade of pink, this beach, in the North of La Digue is as pretty as it looks in the pictures. With granite boulders dotted around the bay and swaying palm trees, it’s the epitome of tropical perfection. And, as well as being gorgeous to look at, it’s a good beach to bring children because the water here is shallow and protected from the ocean’s waves by a reef, so it’s calm too.

5.Praia Dona Ana Beach (Portugal):

Photographed countless times because of its stunning rock formations and clear water, Praia Dona Ana Beach is popular with families and surfers. It can get quite crowded in the height of summer and the water shelves away fairly steeply, something to be aware of if you’re travelling with young children. Boat trips leave from the shore to take you to explore some of the caves and grottos around the coast.

Katie is a travel loving blogger for the UK who thinks that being by the sea or ocean is so soothing for the soul, and that wherever you travel, you’re sure to find your own bays that are just begging to be captured on camera.