Vienna : The city Embedded in History, Music and Architecture

Vienna, the capital city of Austria is a real wonder. It has a lot to do with history, music and architecture. There is so much for the travelers to discover and rave about that it will have you come back for more.

Vienna is a historic city and one that tourists in Europe are attracted to. Traditionally the city is deeply rooted in history. The aura that it spells is pure and momentous. Visitors traveling to Europe should at least spend a few days exploring this magical city.Vienna besides being the capital city is the political, cultural and economic center of the country. People also know Vienna as the City of Music and City of Dreams. This city carries forward its musical legacy with ardor. UNESCO has awarded the city center of Vienna as a World Heritage Site in 2001.

The city is a true architectural wonder. It hosts some of the most beautiful castles, palaces and museums in the world. There is a lot for travelers to discover about Vienna. River Danube flowing through the city augments its beauty. This city is not only exquisite for its marvelous constructions but also shares the reputation of being one of the top most livable cities in the world.

Vienna encapsulates Austria's rich heritage and provides the travelers with mirth and pleasure. A tour through the lanes and by-lanes will only leave you enchanted and want you to come back for more. So if you have decided to or are planning a trip to Europe we suggest keep Vienna on the top of the list. As you stroll through, you will realize what a beauty this city is!

The Chimney Sweeper's Museum, as bizarre as it sounds, is dedicated to the chimney sweepers and is an interesting tourist attraction. The Globe Museum is for the ones fascinated with the petty object, maps and other related objects.

Music lovers have a stunning gift waiting for them in Mozart's Apartment. It is one of the many but only existing places where the music legend lived. Staatsoper is the city's famous opera house. For an opera lover it would be a treat to watch it live. All you need to do is book yourself on a plane and get the added benefit of discounts on Cheap Tickets reserved ahead of time.

A few days into Vienna and you will long for more. The residential, commercial, historical, musical et al, every corner of Vienna has buildings that speak volumes and entice the tourists. Hundertwasserhaus "a house in harmony with nature" is the priced residential building designed by Friedensreich Hundertwasser, the famous Austrian architect who later took New Zealand citizenship and is now buried there.


Schloß Schönbrunn is another stunning piece of art that you can’t afford to miss when in Vienna. This place is summer residence of the former Imperial family. It is worthwhile to stroll around and catch a glimpse of luxury on the go. Kids don't need to be disappointed at all as Prater, the largest public park in the city, has something amazing to offer. Riesenrad, the famous symbol of Vienna, a giant Ferris wheel is the center of attention for everyone coming to Vienna. Young and old, kids and grown up, this park welcomes all with childlike vigor.


Besides, there is food, shopping, clubbing and random things that one should attempt in Vienna. All in all, this Austrian city is a complete package of fun filled vacations with family and friends!